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Media Matters slams Glenn Beck for asking Americans to pray

Posted on September 22 2009 9:00 am
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“Glenn Beck denigrates Yom Kippur,” declared Media Matters this morning.

Leftists regularly denigrate organized religion, of course, but as we all know: when they do it, that’s… different.

Plus I don’t see the “denigration” they’re referring to. Your mileage may vary.

Here’s what has Media Matters so outraged this morning. Yesterday, Glenn Beck told listeners to his radio show (according to the Media Matters transcript, anyway):

BECK: By the way, I just thought I would put this out there, and what you do with it is your own business. But, this weekend, I put out a tweet on Twitter that September 28th is the Day of Atonement for the Jewish faith, and I thought it would be a good day for all of us to fast and pray, you know. And I got this idea from Thomas Jefferson. After they put together the Continental Congress, the first thing they did was put together a day — a national day of fast and prayer, and I thought the Day of Atonement would be a good day to do it.

Now, despite my “Jewish sounding last name” (yes, I regularly get sinister emails about that — from leftists…), I’m only the world’s worst Catholic, so maybe I’m incapable of detecting Beck’s “denigration” of religion here.

But it’s not like Beck is urging people to — oh, let’s just make up something totally crazy that would never happen — give extorted taxpayer dollars to a photographer who dunks crucifixes in urine (which Media Matters implicitly approved of).

Anyway, in response to Beck’s latest “outrage,” Media Matters for America issued the following statement:

“Yom Kippur is a day of atonement, prayer and fasting,” Ari Rabin-Havt of Media Matters said. “Glenn Beck’s attempt to politicize this holiest of days with his far right agenda is not only disgusting, but shows a profound disrespect for the Jewish people.”

We’ve all heard the joke about “two Jews, three opinions,” so we can safely accept the verdict of Official Spokesman for the Jewish People, Ari Rabin-Havt, with a grain of kosher salt.

Then, right on cue, Keith Olbermann anointed Glenn Beck as yesterday’s “Worst Person in the World” for daring to suggest that Americans who felt so inclined might want to imitate their Founding Fathers one day out of the year.

Jefferson “is dead, by the way,” Olbermann added for some reason.

Now, all this is particularly lame when you consider how often leftists hijack religious holidays for political purposes.

Leftist themed Stations of the Cross are annual Good Friday events, as are Easter peace marches (which have been held in Europe since 1960); at Christmas, we get Code Pink protests against “war toys” and “consumerism”; and what about feminist peacenik seders?

Those icons of the Virgin Mary seen in protests from Poland to the Phillipines? Perhaps Media Matters has forgotten the Berrigan brothers, who constantly counseled prayer and fasting for the “salvation” of America.

And let’s not leave out two little words: Liberation Theology (Marxism dressed up as Christianity).

But a short message to Beck’s self-selected Twitter followers, then a throwaway comment on his radio show? That’s an outrage?

Does George Soros, who funds Media Matters, ever wonder if he’s getting his money’s worth?

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