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The United Nations: Pro-Arab, Pro-Iranian, Anti-Israel

Posted on September 22 2009 1:25 am
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This is a [sic] very good news and a triumph of the oppressed nation of Palestine, that their voice was heard in the international community, in the IAEA, and action was made to let them know that they are not left alone, homeless, bombarded by Israelis, and being deprived from any basic rights.

That is how the Iranian delegate to the United Nations Nuclear Conference (UNNC) gloated after the UNNC’s Friday vote criticizing Israel and its “secret nuclear weapons arsenal,” as Amy Goodman reported on Democracy Now! In a remarkably ironic twist, the UNNC passed the resolution by a vote of 49 to 45, supporting an Arab and Iranian initiative that expressed “concern about the Israeli nuclear capabilities and [calling upon] Israel to accede to the NPT [Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty] and [to] place all its nuclear facilities under comprehensive International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] safeguards.”

The Iranian delegate went on to describe Israel’s nuclear capabilities as “a potential threat to the peace and security of the world.”

These statements, coming from Arab states (such as Syria and Libya) that have clandestine nuclear programs themselves, would be bad enough; but for Iran to be making such statements stretches credulity.

For years, Iran has ignored UN resolutions requiring it to open its nuclear program for inspection by the same IAEA it is now congratulating. Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for Israel to be “wiped off the map” several times in the past, and who once again characterized the Holocaust a “hoax” just this past weekend, has consistently defied that same IAEA in its requests for nuclear transparency, announcing that Iran would “never” halt work on its own nuclear program.

It is obvious to UN watchers that this is nothing more than a highly politicized, one-sided attack on Israel, a nation that is surrounded by countries determined to bring about its destruction by any means necessary. The UN has become nothing more than a forum where the nations of the so-called “Non-Aligned Movement” (NAM) can air their anti-Western and anti-Israel agendas.

Said one NAM delegate:

People and countries are bolder now, willing to call a spade a spade. You cannot hide or ignore the truth, the double standards, of Israel’s nuclear capability forever.

Notably, the NAM delegate made no mention of any “double standards” vis à vis countries such as India, Pakistan and North Korea, which also have nuclear weapons programs and have not signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.

Pakistan, for example, not only has an active nuclear weapons program, but it has been a major facilitator in the illegal proliferation of nuclear technology to countries such as Iran. When North Korea doesn’t get its way, it saber-rattles by threatening to detonate, or sometimes by actually detonating, a nuclear device. And yet, those countries were not targeted by the UNNC vote last week.

This is another indication that the IAEA and the United Nations do not possess even a scintilla of credibility.

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