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Al-Qaeda Foiled, For Now

Posted on September 21 2009 1:25 am
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The arrests Saturday of 24-year-old Najibullah Zazi and his father Mohammed Zazi (in Denver, Colorado) and Ahmad Wais Afzali (in Flushing, New York) should serve as a reminder to all Americans that al-Qaeda still plots, still plans,  and still waits for its opportunity to inflict mass death on us again.

According to reports on the Sunday morning program Fox and Friends, the Zazis and Afzali (along with others not yet arrested) were part of an al-Qaeda terror cell that was planning a Madrid-style bombing of a New York City target, most likely the subway system, using hydrogen peroxide-based explosives of the type that is a favorite of Islamic terrorists the world over.

The younger Zazi, along with seven accomplices, attempted to rent a 26-foot U-Haul truck (intending to pack it with deadly bombs), but failed to do so when the rental agency manager became suspicious after being presented with expired credit cards and questionable ID.

Najibullah Zazi has admitted to the FBI that he received training in the use of weapons and explosives from al-Qaeda on his frequent visits to the tribal areas of Pakistan. At the time of his arrest, his confiscated laptop contained detailed instructions for the assembly of peroxide bombs, as well as cell phone video of New York’s Grand Central Terminal and other potential targets.

This is a big story that will only get bigger in the days to come. And yet you would be forgiven for not thinking so, if your only news sources were the so-called “mainstream media,” which are not pushing this story nearly as strongly as Fox News. The virtually irrelevant New York Times, for example, wrote a curious piece titled “Reasons Unclear for Terrorist Fears,” which almost dismisses as alarmist any increase in vigilance by the public, and portrays Najibullah Zazi, a self-professed al-Qaeda operative planning a terrorist attack, as a somewhat sympathetic character.

Don’t be duped.

The threat posed by Islamic terrorism is all to real, and constant vigilance is an absolute necessity.

The FBI has been interviewing dozens of possible accomplices and is working diligently around-the-clock to break the back of this terror cell. Attorney General Eric Holder is taking it seriously as well, announcing that the investigation into this latest plot has been expanded beyond New York City and Denver. It is a plot that will, in all likelihood, prove to be bigger than was first thought. The New York Times would be wise to start taking it more seriously and admitting that the “reasons” why people are afraid are not “unclear” at all.

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