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Lou Dobbs Has ACORN Breakthrough

Posted on September 19 2009 8:41 pm
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ACORN pill

I envision Lou Dobbs sitting with a therapist, role playing with little Gingrich and Hannity dolls from some sort of Conservative icon therapy doll collection, digging deep – past the Ted Turner company picnic brainwashing – to his true thoughts and feelings. And then, the revelation. Maybe North Koreans aren’t thin simply because they ride bicycles everywhere. And maybe ACORN is a criminal organization, and most mainstream media failed to do their job on this story!

Dobbs revealed his breakthrough to CNN viewers, beginning an episode last week by asking, “Did the mainstream media fail to cover ACORN responsibly?” And, “Why have we not seen more coverage of this outfit?”

Dobbs on ACORN

Point of etiquette, Lou – when you show up this late to the party, it’s no longer considered fashionable. In the case of ACORN, the party is over and now it’s time to clean up the mess. Grab a broom.

When a majority of mainstream media ignores the questionable activities of an organization such as ACORN – a group that acquired a dangerous level of influence with the election of a president it worked tirelessly to seat – the media fails the American people. It also consents implicitly to the exposure of our government to the corrupt ideologies and practices of groups and individuals that would not otherwise have such influence if the media maintained a constant and vigilant light on our government.

But, the true story of ACORN certainly isn’t the first liberal controversy to be swept under the rug of media bias – and it won’t be the last. Although many on the left would like to attribute the fall of Van Jones to Glenn Beck and other conservative talking heads – equating to them to bullies on a playground, picking on poor little socialist Van Jones, and twisting the whole ordeal into an issue of race – the reality is that Jones’ fall from grace was an inevitable result of his own choices and actions. It just so happens that the liberal media refused to show up to that­ news party as well. So covering the story of Jones’ socialist ideologies and radical associations was left to conservative media outlets.

Chris Stirewalt, political editor of the Washington Examiner, raises an excellent point in his discussion with Dobbs.  Ignoring the stories of Van Jones and ACORN goes beyond liberal media bias to reveal a deeper credibility issue for mainstream media.  Liberal media outlets like the New York Times and MSNBC – outlets that blatantly supported Obama’s candidacy – have much to lose in their own credibility if they admit their overwhelming choice for President has made, and continues to make, choices and associations that are questionable at best.  

Stirewalt’s analysis seems obvious. When mainstream media outlets – on which so many Americans still depend for news – buy into a candidate for political office lock, stock and barrel, they compromise their willingness and ability to cover the actions and decisions of that political figure with the same depth and integrity given to politicians who haven’t been beneficiary to their editorial support.

Unfortunately, this is the direction in which mainstream media is heading. As Prof. Larry Sabato, of the University of Virginia, concedes in the discussion with Dobbs and Stirewalt, there is rampant and undeniable bias in the media. According to statistics cited by Dobbs, approximately 70 percent of news reporters, editors, producers, etc., identify themselves as liberals. In the absence of some sort of media-wide, Dobbs-style epiphany, MSM will likely continue down this slippery slope, blurring the lines between news coverage and editorializing, and leaving it to news consumers to sort out facts from opinion in order to find some bit of truth in it all.

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