David Horowitz

The UN Is A Morally Disgusting Institution and a Global Menace

Posted on September 18 2009 3:56 pm
David Horowitz is the editor-in-chief of NewsReal Blog and FrontPage Magazine. He is the President and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center. His most recent book is Reforming Our Universities
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Watching Bret Baier’s report on the United Nations‘ umpteenth Orwellian condemnation of Israel posing as a report on the Gaza War, should remind everyone of what a perilous and depraved world we live in. It’s as if Hitler and Mussolini ran the League of Nations in the inter-war period, and I mean that literally, absolutely literally.

Hamas Nazis fired rockets into Israeli schoolyards for 2 and a half years. Israel struck back. Hamas placed its military headquarters under hospitals and apartment buildings, and fired its rockets from civilian neighborhoods and the Israelis finally — and belatedly — struck back. And some Palestinians — as innocent as the Germans who voted for Hitler — were regrettably killed. This merits a 575-page UN report on Israeli “war crimes.”  Real war crimes are being committed now by the UN and the forces behind its crusade against Israel. The purpose of the report is to gin up the next genocide against the Jews whose would-be Hitler is Ahmadinejad, who said today that the Jews’ days are numbered and that elminating the Jewish state is the number one issue for Islam. (I will wait for Islamic leaders to condemn these statements.)

The fact is that UN is run by the degenerate Arab dictatorships (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya etc.) and their criminal communist allies — Russia, China, Venezuela — and is dedicated to the destruction of the West. The “Third World” regimes that are in positions of authority in the UN and are not cesspools of human corruption and evil are apparently anti-Semitic enough to want to see the Jews incinerated again. What can be said about these creatures except that they make the Hitlerites look good? And in a week in which the Obama Administration betrayed our Polish and Czech and Hungarian allies and capitulated before the self-caricaturing heirs to Stalin (Baier reported that Soviet [sic] dictator Medvedev is coming to America to look for “dissidents”), we can say that Susan Rice, our UN ambassador, did herself proud by condemning the UN report.

Earlier in the day, by the way, cable news was reporting a UN plan to replace the dollar as the international currency with the UN scrip. It’s time to withdraw America’s financial support from this symbol of human depravity, this organizational center for the global assault on democracy and the West.

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