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Jimmy Carter Repeats MSNBC's "Bury Obama With Kennedy" Lie

Posted on September 17 2009 8:02 am
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It wasn’t enough for former President Jimmy Carter to falsely accuse critics of Barack Obama of being racists; now he’s added a blood libel. Carter reiterated his belief that all disagreements with Obama are “based on the fact that he is a black man” Tuesday. Last night MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann thanked Carter for rendering this “service” during a forum in Atlanta, where Carter said:

The outbursts that we see of this scatalogical language — the sign that I saw on television last night “We should bury Obama with Kennedy,” for instance (audible gasps in the audience)…Those kind of things are not just casual outcomes of a sincere debate of whether we should have anational program of health care or not.

There’s one small problem with the sign Carter “saw on television last night” with his own eyes: it’s an urban legend. As I noted on this blog Tuesday, the sign, misquoted by numerous left-wing commentators, actually says: “Bury ObamaCare with Kennedy.” On Monday night, Olbermann’s colleague, Ed Schultz, had the audacity to “read” the message as “Bury Obama with Kennedy” while showing a full-screen shot of the actual sign.


Apparently the Democratic talking points have gone out, because in addition to Schultz and Carter…

James Carville misquoted the sign on Monday’s edition of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. Calling the protesters “very low class” (way to stand with the downtrodden, Jim), he claimed 9/12 protesters marched with a sign that said, “Bury Barack Obama with Kennedy.” He further alleged, “a senior CNN executive…told me two hours ago there were thousands of them; other people have confirmed that. They were printed; they were passed out.”

His co-panelist, sometime Republican David Gergen, promptly condemned the non-existent sign.

One terse, finely tuned phrase suggests itself as the only appropriate response to Carter, Carville, MSNBC, “You Lie!”

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