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If You Disagree With Me, You Are Probably A Racist…Part 2

Posted on September 17 2009 2:00 pm
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To burnish his credentials as America’s worst president ever, ex Commander-in-Chief Jimmy Carter felt compelled to voice his opinion about Rep. Joe Wilson and others who have been critical of President Obama’s policies. In so doing, Carter adopted the left’s favorite tactic in political debate: When in doubt, cry “racism.”  Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld is now convinced that Carter is just “Maureen Dowd in a fright mask.”

Said Gutfeld yesterday:

“Look, let me state the obvious. President Obama won. That wouldn’t happen in a racist country. Not only did he win, but he enjoys good faith among people like me who didn’t vote for him. I admit I find his message to be as wrongheaded at times as Carter’s— but Obama seems like a genuinely good guy, especially, when he called Kanye West a jackass.  I’d like him even more if he’d say the same thing about Carter … and if you disagree with me, then you’re probably a racist…”

Obama does seem like a good guy; he just happens to be guided by the wrong people.  The last attribute that virtually anyone would even contemplate criticizing is the color of his skin.  It is disgraceful that we even have to dignify such misguided accusations with a discussion or rebuttal.

Comedian Jim Norton weighed in on Red Eye:

“The problem with a lot of the left lately is they are so intellectually arrogant, they cannot comprehend that their ideas or ideologies are being challenged on merit.  They CAN’T BELIEVE that you could challenge them, so it has to be something else.  It HAS to be race, or it HAS to be gender.  Look, I’m white, I hear white people talk, and no one is talking about him being black.  It’s his health care and his taxes.  It is the same thing they would have attacked Hillary for, or any other liberal democrat.”

Leftists have a hard time understanding that people can legitimately reject their political positions on substantive grounds. Thus they are prone to respond angrily to criticisms, often with childish charges of racism and sexism. “Intellectually arrogant” is a perfectly appropriate term for them; it can also be used to describe leftist professors most of us have dealt with at some point.

To quote from David Horowitz’s book Hating Whitey:

“Liberals and the Democratic Party need the economic dependence and monolithic political choices of the African-American community in order to secure their own political power.  That is why liberals and Democrats constantly inflame the racial fears of black Americans while maliciously demonizing conservatives and Republicans as their racial enemies.  That is why they are either collusive in, or silent about, the character assassination of black conservatives.”

By engaging in racial politics when race really has nothing to do with anything, leftists downgrade the intellectual discourse in this country tenfold.  By forcing a discussion about race (or gender), they get us to avoid talking about issues that actually need to be discussed (i.e. the specifics of health care and taxes).  These infantile tactics must be called exactly what they are, if we want our country to ever make any real progress.

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