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ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis Doubles Down on Deceit

Posted on September 17 2009 1:00 pm
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ACORN is proving a tough nut to crack (there, obligatory acorn-related pun out of the way) completely. Given the corruption and lawbreaking recently exposed (and blogged about on NewsReal here, here, and here among others) — time and time again — within ACORN, if the organization had a shred of decency, a shred of shame, a shred of self-respect, it would slink away with its tail between its legs and quietly disband. But this is not an entity build on those qualities; this is an entity built on radical tactics and political corruption.

Rather than express any contrition, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis was a guest on the Campbell Brown show Wednesday night to double down on her fact-free, vicious attacks against independent filmmakers James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles. Lewis’ lies were so bald-faced and transparent, that even guest host Rick Sanchez was in visible disbelief.

lewis_berthaFirst, Lewis said the tapes shown so far have been “doctored.” Well then, perhaps Lewis can explain that if these tapes were doctored, why in her very next statement does she admit that she fired the employees in the video? Why has Lewis mounted no defense of their actions? Why has ACORN suspended hiring in order to conduct an internal review (which will no doubt conclude that these actions were limited solely to the individuals on the tapes, of course)?

Then she claims that there are tapes showing the filmmakers being “thrown out of ACORN offices.” There’s just one problem her statement—she made it before, and was proven wrong. On Saturday the 12th, after the first two tapes had aired, Lewis issued a statement on ACORN’s website, claiming that

“this recent scam, which was attempted in San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia to name a few places, had failed for months before the results we’ve all recently seen.”

But over the next few days, tapes emerged showing the exact same type of behavior in ACORN offices in two of those cities, New York and San Diego. ACORN pulled the statement and scrubbed any record of its existence, but, Andrew Breitbart’s site that originally broke the ACORN story and videos, captured it here. Despite the fact that Lewis’ statement has proven to be nothing more than a face-saving lie, she brazenly continues to use the same line. If she won’t change her story when it’s proven false, when will she? To quote an old cliché, denial is not just a river in Egypt.

Sanchez highlighted some of the more encouraging news to come out of this story—the Senate voting to defund ACORN, and the Census Bureau severing all ties with the radical organization—and asked Lewis how she planned to overcome her organization’s “credibility problem.”

Lewis, predictably, chose to attack rather than answer the question. She called these videos a “well-orchestrated, well-funded, concerted, relentless campaign to attack this organization.” Maybe by “well funded” she means independent filmmakers who spent $3,000? Then we wonder what she would call her own organization that—until recently—received millions upon millions of no-strings-attached taxpayer money.

When Sanchez again pointed out that this is hardly the first time Lewis’ organization has brazenly broken the law, calling her attention to “sloppy voter registration campaigns,” Lewis denied that there had ever been anything of the kind. She claimed that her own organization had been responsible for bringing voter registration fraud to light. That is simply a lie.

But in a way, she’s still right. “Sloppy” implies that the problems exist because of lax oversight, when in reality the problems exist because this is an organization structured to break the law, a radical organization that sees no problem with intentionally subverted voting regulations in all-out effort to get Democrats elected and to keep their flow of taxpayer subsidies coming. Lewis is right. Her organization isn’t sloppy—just methodically radical, anti-democratic, and finally, exposed.

But Lewis proves that no matter how much evidence is mounted against ACORN, the organization will not reform or go away. Oh, it might fire a few sacrificial lambs to appease the press, but the leaders—who both know and condone these acts—are still in place. The policies that lead to these occurrences, from vote fraud on up to aiding and abetting prostitution, tax evasion, and sex trafficking. Independent journalists like O’Keefe and Giles must keep up the pressure on ACORN. Their work has already shown that in the absence of such pressure, the “mainstream” media will not do its part in exposing ACORN. Even Jon Stewart agrees!

History has shown that given even the slightest opportunity, ACORN will disappear these events down the memory hole and will once again use its close political ties to the President and powerful leaders on the left to get more tax dollars—ours and yours—to commit these acts again.

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