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Roland Martin Has Either a Very Bad Memory or a Very Good Imagination

Posted on September 16 2009 1:00 pm
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Welcome back to the show that never ends: Racefest 2009. For the mere price of checking your brain at the door, you too can forgo all arguments over policies and actions, and jump straight to accusing your opponents of being racist all the time! It’s quick, it’s easy, it doesn’t take an ounce of thought, and the mainstream media (or whatever you want to call them) will line up to let you repeat your accusations over and over and over again.

Tonight’s show: Listen to former President Jimmy Carter for a warm-up act, followed by the repetitive, hollow droning sound that is Roland Martin, CNN Contributor.

In all seriousness, this has gotten ridiculous. CNN—and the media in general—are falling over themselves to call conservatives racists for protesting against Obama. They will let any lie, and complete and utter fabrication, any ignorance of recent history stand so long as it results in invective being hurled at conservatives in general and the Tea Party protests in particular.

Anderson Cooper, that paragon of investigative journalism, gave the start of his show over yesterday to an interview by another journalist entirely –Brian Wilson, interviewing Jimmy Carter. Carter, displaying all the wisdom and aplomb of his presidential years, had this to say:

“An overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man, that he’s African-American…it’s bubbled up to the surface because of a belief among many white people, not just in the South, but around the country, that African-Americans are not qualified to lead this great country.”

Right, Jimmy. Because no one ever criticized you—a white man if ever there was one—for having some of the exact same policies as the current president. And people were so up in arms about black leaders of the recent past—Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas. Well, actually, many were up in arms about Thomas, but those people were leftists who wanted to crucify him for the crime of being black and not one of them. We don’t know whether to feel disgust at Carter’s pathetic attempt to insert himself into the current debate in this manner, or pity that he feels making ridiculous statements is the only way he can get noticed any more.


Of course, CNN had more to contribute to the discussion than simply replaying an interview from another network: they had their own foolishness to add into the mix. Anderson Cooper brought on Roland Martin, a sometime columnist and sometime writer who always seems to have time to come on AC360 when the show needs a juicy quote about how racist conservatives are. Asked if he agreed with Carter, Martin said:

“I believe that the president, the former president, is indeed accurate, because he is speaking to what is a strong perception out there, not just from African-Americans, but also from whites as well.”

Get that? He’s right, not because of any facts, but because other people as well think and feel that criticism of Obama is racist. This is ridiculous—it’s tantamount to saying that someone is racist whenever someone feels like calling them a racist. But the mind-bogglingly silly statements don’t end there.

Cooper, to his credit, then rightly pointed out that there were protests with as much vitriol and far worse during the Bush era, and asked why this was any different. Martin had no problem coming up with another whopper.

“Because you also look at the level of criticism. When you hear people say statements like, you know, I want to take my country back from this man, it’s also how you’re looking at it. When I hear someone say, he’s not one of us, when I hear them say, I want my country back from him, I’m saying, wait a minute. What do you mean from him? He’s the president, elected by 50-plus-one percent of the country. We cannot deny those sole elements. Again, I think there is an effort to make him a delegitimate president.”

Apparently, Martin was asleep for the past 8 years. The left tried to make George W. Bush an illegitimate (that’s the word you were reaching for, Roland, not “delegitimate”) president from the moment he was elected. Even after his reelection, it didn’t stop. Did you miss the “Not My President” bumper stickers? The “1-21-09: The End of an Error” ones? I didn’t see the left lining up behind Bush because, well, he was elected. The nonstop hate was appalling. Anyone with a shred of decency and intelligence during those years can tell you that those years were far worse than today. The only difference is the media had no interest in being a helpful ally to showing the racist, anti-Semitic, and hateful protesters when they were leftists.

And, wait, “take back my country” is now a racist code phrase? Wow, I bet that’s news to the progressives who used that as the name of their annual bash-Bush conference for six years. I bet that’s news to lefties like Thom Hartmann who wrote columns on How to Take Back America. I bet that’s news to Obama himself whose own Organizing for America website promotes an event titled Take Back America Now. Martin, you’re desperate, and it’s showing. Maybe you should look in the mirror, and see if there’s a racialist looking back—someone who can’t see anything beyond race. Maybe the one injecting race into the conversation is you. Maybe it’s you who can’t get over race, can’t see beyond the skin of Obama to the ideas he stands for, that conservatives are rightly attacking.

We would seriously wonder if Martin was off the planet for the last eight to ten years, except for a curious coincidence. In a column that Martin wrote just two years ago, he highlighted the conservative base’s anger at Bush’s spending and deficits. Was that racism, Martin? Was it? Because you wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite, would you? Or maybe you would, because calling conservatives racists gets you more media time than actually engaging in a battle of ideas.

When called on the fact that conservative discontent with the government is directed just as much at white politicians—Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Murtha, etc.—Martin dodged. He insisted that everything he said was fine because “I’m making a broader point. And that is, I’m not in denial about race in America.” Well, we will let the readers judge the evidence for themselves. But Martin truly does seem to think that saying something makes it so. We believe there’s a word for a reality created by words, that operates under its own rules, and into which people escape when they don’t like what’s actually happening around them. We believe it’s called “fiction.”

In the mean time, for the those of us still in reality, we will continue to call out these liars and race hustlers. Maybe, one day, if leftists and their media allies get over their preoccupation with character assassination against conservatives, maybe if certain people stop stirring the pot of racism to pad their own pocketbooks, we can settle down in this country and have that civil debate of ideas and principles that the left always claims it wants. It would be nice if they acted like they wanted it for a change, but we’re not holding out breath.

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