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Former WWE CEO Ready To Lay the Smackdown on Christopher Dodd

Posted on September 16 2009 2:14 pm
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Back in the summer of 2007 I had the pleasure of meeting Linda McMahon, now former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (and wife of WWE owner Vince McMahon).  One of my deep, dark secrets is that I love professional wrestling.  My wife and I met Mrs. McMahon at a pre-show dinner before SummerSlam 2007.  She shocked both of us.  Why?  Did she DDT my wife or hit me with a tombstone piledriver?  No, she had probably the best people skills of anyone I’ve ever met.  Her intelligence, charm, and humility were obvious and downright impressive.  Ever since then, I’ve told many fellow wrestling fans about how impressed I was with her.

Well, Linda McMahon has thrown her hat into the ring for Senator of Connecticut in 2010.  And if she can win the primary, then she will go one-on-one with disgraced Democrat powerhouse Christopher Dodd.  Dodd has been in that Senate seat since 1980, making him the first Senator in Connecticut history to hold the seat for five consecutive terms.  He also ran for President in 2008, but he got kind of lost in the crowd and made no headway, even though he was well funded by the financial-security industry — which is regulated by a committee he chairs.

Dodd has been hit by a great deal of controversy during the past year, and his reelection is heavily in doubt.  He has faced questions about his dealings with a Countrywide Financial Load (for which he was cleared by the Senate Ethics Committee); about his role in spreading lies about how financially solvent Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac were before they collapsed; about an unethical acquisition of a luxurious home in Ireland; and about his very questionable behavior in getting AIG government assistance. As a result of the foregoing matters, polls consistently show Dodd losing against almost any reputable Republican name against which he is pitted.

Linda McMahon calls herself a fiscal conservative and is ready to sweep Dodd’s mess right out of Washington.  Watch her interview today on Fox Business News:

McMahon is the anti-Dodd.  She will be taking no contributions from special interests or PACs.  And she will even limit individual contributions to $100.  She says “it is a terrible time to raise taxes of any kind” — including cap and trade.  McMahon is on point in her interview — especially when talking about Dodd.

“Chris Dodd has lost [the people of Connecticut’s] trust and when that happens … it’s time to move on.”

Of course, MSNBC already sees Mrs. McMahon as a target.  As soon as the news of her candidacy hit the wire, NBC News political director Chuck Todd wrote:

“Considering the image Congress is portraying to the American public these days, is it any wonder that no one dismisses out of hand the possibility that someone associated with professional wrestling is a legitimate candidate for the U.S. Senate?”

Anyone who has watched Linda McMahon discuss the issues, or has met her in person, knows that she is more than ready for the fight.

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