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Americans Kill Bloodthirsty Savage; Amy Goodman Laments his "Assassination"


If you were to describe the killing of a hunted jihadist who was wanted in connection with a series of terror attacks — one of which resulted in the death of 13 people and the serious injury of nearly 200 others — the word “assassinated” would probably not be your first choice.

And yet, that is precisely the word that Amy Goodman used in reporting the event for her evening Marxist politburo-meeting-posing-as-a-news-program, Democracy Now!. “U.S. Special Forces,” she said, “assassinated a leading Islamic militant on Monday during a daytime raid in Somalia.”

Goodman’s report continued:

Four US helicopter gunships bombed a pair of trucks carrying leaders of the militant group [al-] Shabab.  U.S. officials said six people died, including Saleh Ali Saleh Nabhan, who has been described as the ringleader of an al-Qaeda cell in Kenya. U.S. forces have been hunting him for years. Nabhan had been wanted for questioning in connection with a deadly car bombing of a beach resort in Kenya in 2002 and the near simultaneous attempt to shoot down an Israeli airliner.

As usual, an event of such importance — a major victory in the war on terror — was so under-reported by Goodman, that one had to be paying close attention in order to not miss it altogether. And yet, thanks to the meticulously planned and flawlessly executed operation of those U.S. Special Forces, the world has been made a least somewhat safer.

In her paltry report, Goodman could have given a bit more padding to Nabhan’s biographical sketch. She could have mentioned, for example, that it was Nabhan who personally had built the bomb that destroyed the (Israeli-owned) resort hotel in Kenya in 2002, which killed those 13 people. She could have talked more about al-Shabab, one of the most ruthless terror groups in Somalia, which acted as the de-facto al-Qaeda arm in Kenya, Somalia and beyond. She chose, however, not to mention any of this.

Goodman also could have noted that Mr. Nabhan was running terrorist-training camps in Somalia, recruiting and training would-be suicide bombers before they were dispatched to Yemen and, from there, to other parts of the Arab world. For some reason, she chose not to.

More coverage could have been given to the success of the U.S. action, which led not only to the death of Nabhan, but also to the death of Sheikh Hussein Ali Fidow, another senior commander of al-Shabab. It was a one-two punch that has dealt a serious blow to the leadership of that group. In fact, as so many other news outlets did, Goodman could have made this her lead story.

But, for some reason, she chose not to.

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