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The 'Mainstream Media' No More

Posted on September 15 2009 6:10 am
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liberal media bias

Glenn Beck scoops the story of Van Jones’ radical views and helps bring this race-baiting, 9/11 truther and self-avowed Communist down.

Bill O’Reilly is driving the story on the ACLU‘s shameless John Adams Project, which consists of photographing CIA agents and sharing the photos with terrorist suspect detainees.

Two twenty-somethings playing the roles of a pimp and prostitute, James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, have blown the lid off of ACORN and shown its corrupt, immoral core.

Meanwhile, the so-called “mainstream media” are nowhere to be found.

As media expert Bernie Goldberg said last night on the O’Reilly Factor, it is time to use a term other than “mainstream” to describe the left-leaning media.  Goldberg mentioned some suggestions that he received from his blog’s readers.  My favorite is the “Left Behind Media.”

Lets face it:  TV network news shows like CBS’ vaunted Sixty Minutes, with Mike Wallace poking his microphone into the faces of the powerful to expose their corruption, are no more.

NBC News showed its leftist leanings yet again with its biased, condescending coverage of the tens of thousands of ordinary Americans who descended on Washington D.C. last weekend to protest our out-of-control government under President Obama.  And let’s not even get started about the ravings of Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, etc.

The public has simply lost its trust in what CBS, NBC and ABC report.

As for the reputed journalistic leader of the print media, The New York Times, it has taken the Left-Wing Express off the cliff of media integrity. In a fitting example of how far this newspaper has sunk, the Times decided that it was more important to run a story today on public bathrooms than about the cesspool of corruption exposed in the video of ACORN workers in the Brooklyn office advising the intrepid O’Keefe and Giles how to evade the law and launder money.

As Mike Huckabee so aptly put it on his cable show over the weekend:

“No memorial is planned as the practitioners of propaganda seem to be unaware that they have passed away and continue to publish anyway.”

Good riddance!

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