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"Right-Wing Activists" Marched on Washington and the Marxists Noticed–Sort of

Posted on September 15 2009 1:25 am
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The great lengths to which the “mainstream” media have gone in order to downplay (or ignore altogether) last weekend’s massive Washington, DC protest against President Barack Obama’s hard-left agendas, should surprise no one.

Nor should it be a surprise that the extreme-far-left media, as personified by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, have largely followed suit. Where the far-leftists differ from their center-left colleagues, however, is in their portrayal of the people in attendance, in terms of both number and make-up.

In a vitriolic piece titled “Right-Wing Activists Gather in Washington Against Obama,” Goodman delivered a negative portrayal of a small contingent of protest attendees who chanted: “You lie! You lie! You lie!…” — a reference to Republican Congressman Joe Wilson’s unfortunate outburst during the President’s address before Congress last week.

Not mentioned at all in the piece were the true reasons for the demonstration: people fed up with big government, massive corruption, taxes rising faster than incomes, and runaway spending. Neither did Goodman make mention of the large numbers of Democrats and Independents in attendance, or the ethnic diversity of the crowd. Could it be that the far-leftists were intimidated by all of these things, and by something else they were reticent to mention:  the massive size of the protest? It appears so, as they misrepresented that too.

Although media estimates of the crowd’s size ranged from a few hundred thousand to 2.2 million — with most outlets having settled on the figure of 1 million – Democracy Now! reported a figure of “approximately 60,000 to 70,000,” citing “the tally of the DC Fire Department.” Goodman then took special pains to single out the organizers of this march — i.e., the Tea Party Patriots, ResistNet, former House majority leader Richard Armey’s FreedomWorks, and Fox News host Glenn Beck (the devil himself) — perhaps as a service to her comrades should they wish to air any disparaging reports of their own.

Then, in a remarkable example of Soviet-style journalism, where the achievements of the enemy are minimized and those of the party and the ruling elite are exaggerated, Goodman made an abrupt transition from the alleged failures of the “right wing” march to a glowing description of a truly unremarkable event that was held simultaneously in Minneapolis, where “15,000 supporters of President Obama filled the Target Center to hear Obama speak.” The piece concluded with a long quote from the President on his plans for the transformation of the country.

The media are coming to realize that they are rapidly losing their grip on the control of information. Come next year’s mid-term elections, they may be in for a surprise.

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