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Pelosi parties with "villainous," "almost immoral" health care lobbyists

Posted on September 15 2009 9:00 am
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Having chucked out the Seven Deadly Sins about a century ago as hopelessly old-fashioned, Leftists were eventually forced to concoct new “sins.”

From what I can make out, the Left’s “deadliest sin” is something called “hypocrisy.” Like all Leftist “sins”, hypocrisy is one that (conveniently) only the Left’s enemies are capable of committing.

That’s why only the likes of Sean Hannity of FOX News seem to care about a small but telling item on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s engagement calendar.

Last night, Hannity reported that on September 24, Pelosi will be attending a $2,400 a plate fund-raiser next week hosted by Steve Elmendorf, a registered lobbyist with private health insurer, United Health.

As Hannity pointed out, this is the same Nancy Pelosi who called private health insurers “villains” and “almost immoral” just two months ago.

Not to mention the same Nancy Pelosi who has smeared citizens who’ve protested at health care town halls as “unAmerican.” Pelosi also claimed that some of these protesters were carrying “swastikas and symbols like that.” And that the protests in general were “Astroturf” — that is, these demonstrations being secretly funded by, er, registered lobbyists and private health insurers.

But remember: it’s only hypocrisy when “right wingers” are guilty of it!

Editor’s Note: For another NewsReal take on Pelosi, see Chris Yogerst’s characterization of Pelosi as the film noir “spider woman” here.

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