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Anderson Cooper Lines Up the Firing Squad to Take Shots at Tea Party Protests

Posted on September 15 2009 1:00 pm
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One would hope, given his recent stint in Afghanistan, that Anderson Cooper might have a fresh perspective on the cowardly practice of ambushes. But he sure set one up for Tea Party organizer Mark Williams last night on AC360.

The setup was standard practice for the media: Take one left-leaning host, add in a Democratic strategist and a leftist media member, bring on one conservative, and spend the entire discussion letting the most heinous accusations fly from the left, while interrupting and ignoring every valid point from the conservative. Standard media tactics, but disgusting despite its familiarity.

Last night’s show was no exception. The full array of leftist talking points against the protest was on display.

First, in the brief segment on the Tea Party that might be considered actual news, Cooper and political correspondent Candy Crowley (which, all else aside, is an awesome name) made sure to touch all the right words when describing the protests – “hate,” “fear,” “seething anger”—words the media never seems to find when they covered anti-Bush protests full of burning effigies and devil masks. They made sure to give plenty of time to the “this is just a group of racists” argument. Very little focus on facts. A lot of wink-wink-nudge-nudge name calling.

The USS Media takes aim at a dissenting viewpoint.

The USS Media takes aim at a dissenting viewpoint.

Then, with the stage set, Cooper moved in with the second volley—asking Williams if this protest wasn’t just

“sour grapes from those who weren’t happy with election results,”

and stating that

“the people who we saw are not necessarily people who voted for President Obama. In fact, it’s probably most of them did not. Most of the country, however, did vote for the president.”

Because, you see, like President Obama says, he won, so you should just shut up. Ah, those sweet innocent times barely a year ago when dissent was still the highest form of patriotism. How quickly that passed.

Cooper then asked Williams if he’d protested against Bush—another common leftist talking point in the notion that these protesters aren’t legitimate because they didn’t march against Bush. Somehow, it all comes back to Bush. Fortunately Williams was able to point out that yes, he was against massive government bailouts and creeping socialism when Bush did was in office, and most of this crowd was, too. We have a personal friend who attended the event, and he was just as outspoken against Bush’s reckless spending as Obama’s. So, sorry, Talking Points, but that’s another swing and a miss.

The “interview” portion of the program over, Cooper moved on to the “discussion” portion, where he called up his reinforcements in the form of Democrat strategist James Carville and “independent” journalist David Gergen (though for all his independence, in our watching of the show he certainly sides with the left a majority of the time). That portion of the video can be seen below.

Cooper, of course, let Carville speak first and dictate the direction of the discussion. Carville wasted no time with his insults, calling protestors low-class and characterizing the mainstream of the Republican party as “neo-Confederate.” Apparently the left just cannot live without some form of “neocon” word to spout every time they are confronted with a conservative. And aside from his obvious hatred of ordinary Americans, Carville was wrong on the main point he seemed to be pushing during his turns to speak.

He repeatedly referred to a sign that said “Bury Obamacare with [Ted] Kennedy,” supposedly to emphasize how “low class” these protesters were. (Of course, even while holding the sign, Carville misquoted it, saying it read “Bury Barack Obama with Kennedy.” He hasn’t been the only one to do so.) Sorry, Carville, but it was your side, and your man Obama, who first politicized Ted Kennedy. Democrats called for Obamacare to be passed “in his honor.” Obama used the man as one giant talking point during his health care address. You can’t feign offense at the politicizing of his death by conservatives, when leftists have been doing it since the moment the man stopped breathing.

Gergen, of course, insisted that while anti-Bush protesters were bad, this Tea Party

“[went] even beyond what we saw with George W. Bush. I think it’s — I think it’s unfair to the president. I think it’s unfair to the country.”

Admittedly, we live in an era of short memories where what is happening now is always the best, the worst, or the most memorable. But this is ludicrous. This one peaceful protest can in no way be compared with the anger and hate spewed from the left for eight years against Bush. We can remember no such concern that it was “unfair” to Bush, or that protesting against him was “unfair to the country.”

Even when acknowledging that the turnout was “bigger than some Democrats or liberals expected,” Cooper couldn’t resist disparaging the protests as “not as big, perhaps, as some of — as an immigration rally or something against the war, even, we saw under the Bush administration.” Aside from being a snarky commentary, this is also wrong. Estimates vary, as they always do, as to how large the crowds were, but the general consensus seems to have settled at one million, and possibly as high as two million. The average anti-war protest could barely muster a few thousand. Even the most successful anti-war protest couldn’t claim that many, and generous estimates of immigration rallies (where people were turned out by paid organizations) topped out at five hundred thousand. Sorry, but Cooper and his leftist allies can’t simply wish away the will of the American people that the government has gotten too big, too greedy, and too instrusive.

Despite all the name-calling and attempts to downplay this weekend’s event, we can see where the real fear and hate is coming from (hint: they’re the ones doing the name-calling and finger-pointing on this show). The Tea Party protesters must have frightened many on the left and their media allies deeply. Only fear—fear that their agenda is failing and fear that their grip on power is slipping—can account for the simultaneous broadside they’ve unleashed against the Tea Party. Truly, they have emptied all of their guns at once into crowd of ordinary Americans sick of seeing their freedoms chipped away in small bits and large chunks.

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