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The Circular Firing Squad Hits Glenn Beck

Posted on September 11 2009 1:28 pm
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Conservative author and commentator David Frum

Conservative David Frum, having made a bad name for himself with a crusade against Rush Limbaugh in the leftwing press, has now taken out after Glenn Beck in a column titled “GOP Surrenders to Beck’s Mob Rule.” (Frum is an armchair aristocrat). I don’t have a big quarrel with Frum’s view that Beck’s view of Cass Sunstein is “over the top” or off target. Conservatism is and should be a big tent where people can disagree in their judgments of issues and others.  Frum is right that Sunstein is not a raving leftist. On the other hand he is not a critic of raving leftists such as Van Jones either. In fact he is happy to be part of their team.

Moreover, Sunstein has some ideas that are as dangerous as Beck says they are. But this is not a disagreement about interpretations.  My real quarrel with Frum is that he denigrates Beck (“mob rule” indeed) and expresses the hope that Beck will soon be gone.  This is more than over the top on Frum’s part. It is a betrayal of the conservative cause (much as his unseemly attack on Limbaugh was, too). Without voices like Beck’s and Limbaugh’s — and Ann Coulter’s for that matter — the conservative cause and the cause of this country would be hugely damaged. On the other hand, if Frum’s website were to fold, nobody would notice.

Our country is under assault by a determined, deceitful and powerful left which will stop at nothing to realize its goals. Facing them, I would rather have Glenn Beck out there fighting for our side than 10,000 David Frums who think that appeasing lefitists will make them think well of us. No it won’t. It will only whet their appetite for our heads. Kudos to Jonah Goldberg for standing up for Glenn. We need a hundred like him.

If you missed it, watch the opening of Beck’s show today on YouTube or later this evening. It’s a sermon on the American spirit — the most inspiring, moving and uplifting 15 minutes of television you’re likely to see in a long time.

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