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One More In the Hit Parade: Campbell Brown Outraged that Congressman Wilson Dares to Defend Himself

Posted on September 11 2009 1:00 pm
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We’ll grant Campbell Brown this: it’s possible she’s living an existence like T.H. White’s Merlin in The Once and Future King, experiencing her life backwards, and so to her, effect really does precede cause. Because last night, she got things exactly backwards in accusing Congressman Joe Wilson of exploiting his “You lie!” moment for political gain.

Brown, in her always-charitable attitude towards conservatives, had this to say on her show Thursday night:

“This is some tape we just got in of Congressman Wilson. This is a video he posted on his Twitter site just a little while ago trying to raise money off this episode. He says liberals turning him into a scapegoat. Watch this.”

This referred to Joe Wilson’s video, posted to his website, seen below the jump…

After showing the clip, Brown began to attack the lone conservative she invited on her show, along with herself and three other adoring liberals, with the charge that:

“[Wilson]’s talking out of both sides of his mouth, apologizing for the outburst and then trying to make a buck out of it.”

But far from her accusations, Wilson is only defending himself against an onslaught of smears and fundraising bids from the left’s latest efforts to get rid of anyone with the temerity to call out Obama.

In case anyone is unsure, here are the events that transpired.

1. Barack Obama lied to, or at least intentionally misled, the nation on Wednesday with his speech.

2. Joe Wilson called him on it. Publicly. Loudly. Perhaps a bit over-the-top.

3. Wilson apologized for the timing and tone of his remarks, but correctly did not apologize for the content.

3. Leftists, who spent the last eight years shouting “Truth to power!” and cheering wildly every time someone heckled President Bush, suddenly found themselves getting the vapors over this breach of decorum.

4. Leftist activists began using this incident as an excuse to raise money for Joe Wilson’s Democratic opponent in the upcoming election.

5. Joe Wilson posted the above video, calling for supporters to help him defend against the tide of smears.

6. Conservative blogs like RedState publicize Wilson’s challenger’s fundraising and ask for conservatives to make every effort to help Wilson.

We doubt Brown is unaware that Wilson’s challenger is cynically using this latest incarnation of leftist perpetual outrage to raise money – she mentioned that very fact at the start of her show, but in a quickly dismissive note that Wilson’s “challenger is also experiencing a fund-raising windfall,” a comment she tucked away and did not address further until called on it by Alex Castellanos, her conservative guest. Even then, she refused to address the substance of that fact, preferring to continue to press Castellanos to disown Wilson.

Now, we can think of a few reasons why Brown would be so outraged that a Republican would try to raise money to defend himself, while seeing no problem with a Democrat making money off of the same event. Maybe she spoke before she knew all the facts, although it seems doubtful she didn’t know full well what happened. Maybe she wishes so strongly that Joe Wilson be silenced for pointing out the Chicago Emperor has no clothes, that her wishes distort reality itself. Maybe. Of course, there’s always the third possibility, that she’s just a hypocrite. But that’s not nearly as much fun to think about.

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