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Obama Isn't "Cool" – He's Cold and Ruthless

Posted on September 10 2009 11:38 pm
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Thursday night, Bill O’Reilly had a segment of his show dealing with the 8-year anniversary of 9-11.  Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters was O’Reilly’s guest, and he commented on how unfortunate it is that the details and the horror of this pivotal event in American history have been muted and nearly forgotten in the minds of far too many Americans.  Certainly, as Peters observed, while the mainstream media have been loath to remind viewers of the details regarding this horror, they have eagerly reported virtually any story about alleged assaults on the civil liberties of enemy combatants held at Guantanemo. Similarly, any opportunity to portray the recent Bush administration as corrupt has not been missed. Peters went further, stating that we now have a President who seems unconcerned with the pain or the lessons of 9-11.

When O’Reilly responded that saying this about Obama “might not be fair”, Lt. Colonel Peters responded:

“Well that’s YOUR opinion, Bill.  After 8 years, we still haven’t rebuilt Ground Zero.  Al Qaeda attacked us, not the Taliban.  That’s who we should be going after.”

O’Reilly:  “So you don’t give the President any credit for continuing the war in Afghanistan?

Peters:  “None whatsoever.  He made a campaign promise regarding Afghanistan, and now he’s confused by it.”

Col. Peter’s statement has merit, and further illustrates how O’Reilly is willing to bend over backwards to give Obama the benefit of the doubt where he clearly doesn’t deserve it.  After all, many analysts have noted over the past few months that Al Qaeda’s leadership is no longer in Afghanistan. Furthermore, Obama is a man who repeatedly criticized the previous administration during the presidential campaign for “taking its eye off the ball” (i.e., diverting resources to the Iraq War at the expense of the conflict in Afghanistan). Having cast Afghanistan as the “good war,” Obama apparently feels he has little choice but to continue it, however half-heartedly, even though polls now show that a majority of Americans oppose our presence there.

Both Rush Limbaugh and Peggy Noonan have noted Obama’s eerily cold demeanor on various occasions; I submit that not only is this observation accurate, but that it offers us a window into his soul — the soul of a calculating, ruthless radical who will stop at nothing to enact his Marxist agenda. His recent national speech on health care was a case in point.  Newsreal’s bloggers have analyzed it exhaustively here, here, and here.  To say that the speech was partisan and disingenuous is an understatement.  It was nothing less than a tour de force of calculated deception.  Despite the President’s repeated insistence that “This isn’t about me,” the obvious truth is that it is ALL about him and his accretion of political power.

As The Heritage Foundation has noted, if the President were simply interested in providing the chronically-uninsured with health-care coverage, this could be accomplished at a small fraction of the cost of any of the bills that are now being considered in Congress.  Similarly, he appears entirely unconcerned that the unemployment rate is now at a 26-year high, with youth unemployment currently at an all-time high.  Indeed, he credits his administration’s policies for “bringing our economy back from the brink,” and assures Americans that “we are certainly moving in the right direction”.

The unpleasant but necessary conclusion one must accept about this President is that he is deliberately sabotaging our economy because it serves to further his agenda of ever-increasing control over Americans’ lives and the redistribution of wealth to its “rightful owners.” Anyone who doubts that Obama and his advisors, in particular Rahm Emanuel, are thoroughly familiar with the Cloward-Piven Strategy — the strategy of orchestrated crisis — needs to become familiar with it themselves and then consider the actions taken to date by this administration.  Far from being distressed by the worsening economic conditions, the ugly truth is that Obama welcomes this state of affairs; he is doing everything in his power to promote its continuance, and nothing to reverse it.  To deny this is necessarily to ascribe to this President a level of staggering economic illiteracy which is simply incredible.

Fortunately there exists a highly-motivated minority of Americans who recognize these facts and understand the danger posed to our nation by this administration. They are the tea-party protestors and the members of The 9-12 Project and similar groups who will be converging on Washington this weekend.  As President Obama watches the protests this Saturday, perhaps he would be wise to consider Proverbs 16:18: “Pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

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