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The New York Times Covers Up for Van Jones and Other Radical Friends of Obama

Posted on September 9 2009 5:42 am
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Until the self-avowed Communist and 9/11 conspiracy loon Van Jones actually resigned as an Obama administration czar in the deep of night during the Labor Day weekend, The New York Times and other mainstream media pretended that he did not exist.

Bernie Goldberg, the media commentator for Fox News, offered two good explanations on the O’Reilly Factor last night for this example of journalistic malpractice, aside from the usual, day-to-day left-wing media bias.  The first was that the media were just trying to protect their man — Barack Obama.  Nothing that could seriously undermine the Anointed One’s mission to save the country from the greedy special interests and right-wing ‘racists’ was going to be prominently reported, particularly on the eve of Obama’s prime-time speech intended to resurrect his government-run universal healthcare program.

Goldberg also suggested that the absence of reporting on Van Jones, except by Fox News, was because the story had been broken and advanced by Fox News.  The New York Times did not want to sully its precious pages with anything that could conceivably be seen as legitimizing conservative reporting.  

O’Reilly countered that Van Jones was too minor a figure in the Obama administration to matter very much. But minor appointees by the Bush administration, whom the left-wing media thought were too Christian or otherwise too conservative in their views, received out-sized coverage in their day.

The larger question raised by the Van Jones story is why he and other radicals of the Reverend Wright and William Ayers variety have been allowed anywhere near the White House in the first place. The fact that they provide insight into Obama’s own true political leanings is something that the Gray Lady and its other left-wing friends in the media want to whitewash.

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