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Ed Schultz Forgets About "Peace and Love," Unloads a Garbage Truck of Hate Onto the President's Critics

Posted on September 8 2009 2:00 pm
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The Democratic Party, at least since the 1960s, has been a party known for love and openness.  They want you to think their tent is open to all.  They want you to think that they are all about freedoms and free speech.  Well, what happened to that party?  Where has it gone?  Now all I hear coming from the Left is the desire to silence dissenters, to say nothing of the plethora of name-calling usually limited to fights on a school yard.  When did the party for the people become the party of such mean people?

Have you heard the names used against anyone who stands up against leftist policies?  Nancy Pelosi thinks we are Nazis and un-American.  Keith Olbermann says we are wackos with “tinfoil hats.” And Van Jones told a large audience that we’re A**holes.

One of the newer voices of the Left on the airwaves is Ed Schultz, who hosts “The Ed Show” each night on MSNBC. He is supposedly more moderate and nice than Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.  However, last Friday alone, all in a one hour show, he called Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty “psychos” by featuring them on “Psycho Talk”; he further characterized Bachmann as “delusional” and a “conspiracy theorist”; he labeled Senator Chuck Grassley a “snake in the Grassley”; the Tea Party activists also got the “psycho” label and were dubbed “informationally challenged” as well. Shulz said people on the Right “hate public education,” and he went so far as to imply that many who didn’t want their kids watching President Barack Obama’s school speech did it because they were racists:

“I think some race plays into this too.  I think that there are some parents out there across America that no matter—come hell or high water—they do not want their child exposed to Barack Obama.”

And later in the show when talking about either parents or conservative media (he didn’t clarify which) who were against Obama’s school speech, he said, “They are too stupid to figure this out.”

Then Schultz ended the show with this loving exchange with Lizz Winstead (co-creator of The Daily Show):

SCHULTZ:  What about Michael Steele dissing this lady at a town hall meeting when her mom died of cancer?

WINSTEAD:  You know, Michael Steele—yet again just more proof that God has no quality control.  At this point, Faust would say, “Hey look, not even I would make a deal with these D-bags.”  It‘s really unbelievable.

SCHULTZ:  And just think what it would have been like when you and I were growing up if the President of the United States had actually spoken to us in the classroom.  We probably would have turned out differently.  What do you make of all of this?

WINSTEAD:  You know Ed, I don‘t understand.  I‘ve just kind of given [up] with these people who are crazy.  I just feel like at this point, why don‘t you just beam in Glenn Beck, then?  Have him stand in front of his stupid chalkboard and then after that, why don‘t you just give home schooling with that Phillip Garrido or whoever that creepy guy is who raised his children in the backyard?

So Michael Steele should not have been born and Republicans are “D-bags” with whom the devil himself would not make a deal. And people who are concerned about their kids in school are “crazy” and should have their children home-schooled by a child molester.  Nice.  Very loving stuff. (And this coming from a host who invokes Christ to try to justify socialized medicine!)

Thanks for raising the bar with your comments and your guest, Schultz! Thanks for showing us that the age of Obama is a time when all of us can learn to listen and love.

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