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Flashback: Alan Colmes says he's "agnostic" about 9/11 conspiracy theories

Posted on September 7 2009 1:00 pm
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Let’s call it a “blast from the past.”

Yesterday, David Horowitz noted with perceptible disgust that former Sean Hannity sidecar occupant Alan Colmes had waved away criticism of disgraced “Green Jobs Czar” and admitted Communist Van Jones by describing Jones as simply “a mainstream liberal.” (Insert your own joke here.)

What struck me about Horowitz’s post was his opening line: “If you didn’t believe it when I said it…”

Back in 2006, I saw and heard Alan Colmes say something on his old FOX News show that I tried to convince myself I’d misheard.

After all, wasn’t Alan Colmes just a harmless, spindly, well meaning wimp who smiled at the wrong times, and was prone to occasional passive aggressive outbursts — in other words: your (organic) garden variety “mainstream liberal” male?

However, other bloggers heard him say that “something,” too, and they wrote about it the next morning. One of those posts was memorably entitled: “Alan Colmes unfurls his nightwings.”

I’m talking about this disturbing exchange on the July 12, 2006 episode of Hannity & Colmes:

On tonight’s show, the guest was Barrett supporter Bob Bowman, member of the august Veterans for 9/11 Truth. Oh, and by the way, Bowman also happens to be . . . a Democratic candidate for congress from Florida’s 15th District!

In any case, Bowman told Sean “I’m agnostic about these conspiracy theories,” adding that Barrett’s “conspiracy theory is far more believable than yours,” and further: “I don’t know who did it and neither do you.”

Later, addressing himself to Bowman, Colmes said: “Bob, I’m Alan Colmes. I’m agnostic as well . . . As I understand it this theory while propounded in this class is not central to what he is teaching in this class. As a matter of fact, 400 pages are provided supporting the official government version and 75 pages supporting the alternative [crazy conspiracy] version that we are debating here.”

Note that like many viewers, Mark Finkelstein tried to convince himself that he had somehow “misheard” Colmes in the “crosstalk” between guests. He hadn’t. Colmes said that he too was “agnostic” — was sitting on the fence — about whether or not 9/11 was an “inside job.”

I could never bear the sight of Alan Colmes after that broadcast.

He later made other disconcerting statements, I’ve since discovered, such as this gem following the “D.C. Holocaust Museum” shooting:

There isn’t really a line drawn between the right wing ‘base’ and neo-Nazis any more. It’s a single continuum, and freepers is right there in that gray area.

Yet Alan Colmes retains his position as a fairly respectable political commentator. It’s almost enough to make you think there must be… some kind of… conspiracy…

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