Ben Johnson

The Wrong Lesson from the Van Jones Resignation

Posted on September 6 2009 2:25 pm
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Conservatives are elated by the fact that Obama finally frog-marched Van Jones to the door, but the country must be careful not to draw the wrong conclusion from his “resignation.” The point is not that President Obama will not tolerate people with Van Jones’ views to serve in his administration: he obviously will, because he did and he defended Jones to the bitter end. The point is Jones is becoming part of Obama‘s increasingly familiar pattern: associate with radical leftists, give them as much power and prominence as possible in their own right, and disavow them only if they begin to hurt your ability to radicalize the system from within.

After all, Obama first pretended he had slept through 20 years of Jeremiah Wright’s stemwinders, then defended Wright as no worse than his granny, and only jettisoned him when Wright refused to be quiet. He began his political career in Bill Ayers‘ living room and financed his “education” goals with philanthropic funds, then pretended it did not matter because the unrepentant terrorist did most of his active work when Obama was a child. Jones continued to serve despite his belief in Communism, and the White House backed him up even after his 9/11 Truther background came to light. Only the continual drip of revelations about this continual drip drummed him out of office.

Van Jones is a revelatory case. Obama will appoint radicals as high as possible for as long as possible, because he does not see their views as out of the mainstream. He hears his own thoughts in their words and feels his heart race in their assaults. The radicalization of America will proceed as long and as far as we allow him to get away with it.

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