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Naomi Wolf's America-is-a-Fascist State Hysteria Endangers American Lives

Posted on September 6 2009 7:10 am
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Naomi Wolf’s hysterical predictions about a fascist state developing under President Bush came to naught.  The presidential election went ahead as scheduled, although she warned us of the possibility of a suspended election.  The candidate she endorsed, Barack Obama, won.  Despite her warnings of rampant censorship and shut-downs, her beloved leftward leaning mainstream media remained in business, continuing to leak classified information that is helping the enemy.  The CIA interrogators who helped keep our country safe from another 9/11 attack may be prosecuted, just as Wolf has long wanted.

But this pseudo-intellectual who claims to be an expert on ‘closed societies’ does not let the truth get in the way of her hysteria.  She sees a new wave of fascism stirring in the Obama administration (not mentioning, of course, the socialistic policies that are actually becoming an Obama trademark). 

Wolf’s complaint is that Obama wants to continue holding a few of the most dangerous terrorist suspects now being detained at Guantanamo indefinitely.  As she put it back in July, “six months after he ordered an end to torture and CIA ‘black sites,’ and promised to close Guantánamo within a year, Obama seems to be re-branding Bush’s worst excesses.” (Emphasis added)

To a radical like Naomi Wolf, “worst excesses” mean actions to save American lives from the Islamic terrorists who truly are fascistic.  She would rather release even the most hardened, al Qaeda detainee than see him prevented from exercising his self-proclaimed right to freely express his hatred of America by killing us.

Despite Obama’s unconscionable release of Justice Department legal memos and reams of other documents that al Qaeda can now access on the Internet, Wolf complained that Obama should have done more.

“Obama has sought to suppress hundreds of photographs depicting sexual assault in US-run prisons” Wolf said.  She would add more fodder for the Islamo-fascists to use in recruiting more recruits to their cause. 

It’s bad enough that Naomi Wolf is in denial about the barbarity of Islamic law which justifies the debasement of women as a matter of course.   But she is also accusing all Americans of being torturers.  And she is perpetuating her discredited, hysterical scare tactics to frighten American citizens, or to shame them, about what our elected government is trying to do to protect the lives of American citizens – the first responsibility of government.

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