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Dissent of the Day and Rebuttal: Howard Zinn is a "liberal"? And He "set the record straight"?

Posted on September 6 2009 3:30 pm
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From Rommel John Miller, on Jamie Glazov’s post about David Horowitz’s appearance on Glenn Beck:
What David Horowitz seems to forget is our own cultural relativism of promoting and endorising slavery even when the Declaration of Independance and Constition of the time called for a free and just society. This is what bothers me, every seems to want a return to the “good old days” when those days were rife with segregation and racism. Soviet Communism had its own forms of relativistic slavery, but we cannot hold that against them, the Tsars had it too, and slavery was not an ideal of Das Kapital or even the Socialist or Communist dream, it was instituted by Stalin for people who were dissidents and those he did not trust. What I am after is peace, love and understanding among all peoples, and you may call me a leftist looney, and so be it, but know this, it is more ethical to be truthful and honest with yourself and others than it is to fill yourself and others with lies, derision and hate. I don’t have an agenda, I just tell it like it is. Thank you.

And later Rommel wrote this:

Former Democrat says it all, Chavez wants government controlled broadcasting precisely because his is the dictator and what he says goes. That was what I was saying about art and how Hiter and Castro could make all the art about them. But so too in a Capitalist country the patron of the Arts gets to “dictate” to the artist what the art ought to look like too. Its a double-edged sword.

And I am not re-writing history, check out your history, the Dutch were the re-inventors of slavery, they were they first to use ships and go to Africa and gather up the tribal people and bring them back to Denmark and to the New World. And the Dutch settled New Amsterdam, and New Amsterdam became New York. But the Dutch also did a lucrative trade with the Southern Colonies as well, and the majority of slaves went down south.

It’s just that history was written on relativistic terms too and it took a liberal like Howard Zinn to set the record straight.

Thank you

1. Slavery is an institution that has been around since ancient history. To slur Europeans and Americans for engaging in it 150 years ago while turning a blind eye to African and Islamic societies that still practice it today demonstrates a profound degree of moral blindness. It suggests that you’re more interested in attacking your homeland than in helping abolish slavery worldwide. You’re also ignoring that Americans were instrumental in abolishing slavery in the Western hemisphere. For more on this read David Horowitz’s Uncivil Wars.

2. If you seek “peace, love and understanding among all peoples” then you should become a conservative. Democratic capitalism — the system created in this country through the implementation of the principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution — has created a system which allows the people of this country to live in peace and cooperation. When we disagree with one another we don’t go out and shoot each other or overthrow the government in a coup. I discussed this in the second half of my FrontPage review of Jamie Glazov’s United In Hate.

3. In a capitalist country the artist can make whatever art he or she wants. Whether someone will buy it when it’s sold on the free market is a completely different question. My wife April is an artist and she has total freedom in creating the art that she wants. Thus the superiority of Democratic Capitalism is again demonstrated for the umpteenth time.

4. Howard Zinn is not a liberal. He’s a Marxist. He has dedicated his career not toward “liberating” “the people” but defending totalitarian butchers who oppress them. Read his Discover The Networks profile and check out the additional links provided in it. Also see the chapter in Horowitz’s Unholy Alliance which discusses him.

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