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Posted on September 6 2009 6:02 pm
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As I noted, this is far from the time to become complacent: one radical socialist is gone from the White House, but the man who appointed him is still the most powerful man in the free world. Nonetheless, we might be justified to take a moment to make one genuinely optimistic appraisal: Van Jones was ejected from office without the reporting of a single major media outlet. This underscores the effectiveness of media outlets like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh‘s show, the Glenn Beck Show, Michelle Malkin‘s column, and websites like…well, like NewsRealblog. (John Perazzo wrote one of the definitive profiles of Jones here.) While the so-called mainstream media cover up for or lie to promote leftists, we circumvented the old monopolies with facts so damning the administration could not continue its status quo.

This is the dormant power Barack Obama awakened within eight months by his headlong, Alinsky-ite rush to transform the entire nation into a left-wing Utopia. This is the power of town hall protesters, tea bag ralliers, and pajama-clad bloggers. We have had one minor step of progress; now we have to take every opportunity to show the president his ideology does not represent the average person in the United States and we will not rest until it is harried out of the halls of power. We will not be intimidated by Obama’s condescension, MSNBC hate speech, or union thugs’ threats of violence. We will assure that there will be a restoration.

Now, back to kicking a–.

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