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The Upside of Zero Coverage

Posted on September 5 2009 9:58 am
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Van Jones: yet another Alinskyite in the Obama administration

Van Jones: yet another Alinskyite in the Obama administration

On the Bret Baier show (Fox) yesterday, the panel was discussing the blank pages in the MSM and the silent air on the networks concerning the Van Jones scandal. Not a word in the Washington Post or the New York Times. Not a mention on the Network trio.

There was a time when this would have been as effective as a Kremlin censor in keeping the public in the dark about that far left radicals in the White House. (I use the plural because it should be obvious that Valerie Jarette the president’s Senior Adviser for Intergovernmental Affairs and responsible for vetting Jones whose career she was entirely familiar with. Jarette was an operative in the campaigns and administration of Harold Washington, another leftwing radical from the Chicago foco. And Jarette is one of many.) But with Fox, and the Internet (and of course talk radio), there is no way to keep Jones under wraps — although obviously this has kept Jones in place longer than would otherwise be the case. If  Bush had appointed a member of a White Citizens Council to a similar post, he would have been out in a day.

But this is precisely the upside of the self-censorship. It stokes the arrogance that is second nature to so-called liberals. It’s what makes them dismiss a people’s protest over health care as mob action. It’s what makes them think they can get away with appointing a communist America-hater to a White House post.  The longer Van Jones is in place the worse it is for them. The more the sleeping giant is likely to wake up. If they get rid of Jones they can pretend that that Administration is not filled with the radicals like Jarette who knew about Jones’ communist agendas and supported him. If they don’t get rid of him this weekend, he will continue to bleed all over their pitch for a socialist health care system.And the silence of the MSM media about Jones is the key to dragging out the scandal and making it a teaching lesson for Americans who are still under Obama’s spell.

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