Jamie Glazov Enters Wolf-Chesler-Glazov Battle

Posted on September 5 2009 12:09 am
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Over at, a certain Tracy Clark-Flory appears to think she is giving a news update to readers about our NewsReal debate with Naomi Wolf by toeing the Left’s Party Line.

Clark-Flory writes:

Wolf is trying to force a shift in the perspective of her Western readers so that we might seriously consider the possibility that some Muslim women truly and legitimately see dressing scantily in public as repressive and experience covering up outside of their home as freeing.

Ms. Clark-Flory, do you really still not get it? Muslim women don’t get to “truly and legitimately see” anything in an environment where seeing something the way they want to, and acting on it, will get them stigmatized at best and executed at worst. As I stated in my rebuttal to Wolf’s comedic demand for an apology, a rebuttal which you clearly seem to be incapable of understanding, Muslim women’s choices cannot be real choices if making the wrong choice can lead to severe physical injury and personal social harm.

And Ms. Clark-Flory, surely you know that 1+1 = 2. But let me try to explain this as simply as possible, perhaps in one sentence and in bold letters, to help you get it:

Women in free societies have a choice if they want to dress “scantily” in public or not.

Clark-Flory ridicules feminist hero Phyllis Chesler for wondering whether Wolf is “thoroughly unfamiliar with the news coming out of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan on these very subjects.” This is absurd to Clark-Flory, for some reason, because, get this:

“Never mind that Wolf is talking specifically about the experiences of women she encountered in Morocco, Jordan and Egypt, as well as those of women in France and Britain, where there is great political resistance to Muslim dress.”

Newsflash, Ms. Clark-Flory: The Islamic theology that serves as an underpinning to Islamic gender apartheid does not lose its meaning and significance if it exists, and wages vicious persecution, in a place other than where someone else might be referring to it. Moreover, do a little bit of reading, if it doesn’t greatly discomfort you, on female genital mutilation in the paradises that hosted Wolf’s political pilgrimages.

A bit more of an explanation if this is all too much for you: The lessons of anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany are not inapplicable to conversations about the anti-Semitism that might be happening somewhere else.

Ms. Clark-Flory, are you really sure you want to be part of this dialogue?

Clark-Flory’s attempt to be taken as some kind of serious thinker and writer takes on an aura of tragic comedy when she thinks she is making a powerful point against David Horowitz. She says he “absurdly” proclaims on NewsReal that,

“if Naomi Wolf and her radical friends had their way, America would be disarmed and radical Islam would be triumphant and women would be back in the Middle Ages, and the rest of us along with them.”

Ms. Clark-Flory have you read any of Wolf’s writing on foreign policy, her vision for America, American national security and Israel?

It’s called a summary, Ms. Clark-Flory. Horowitz is summarizing the meaning of the texts which he devotes his time to read and to reflect upon – a commitment, activity and dedication, it appears, that has eluded you all of your life.

Clark-Flory notes, with ridicule, that I declare that Wolf “loves the burqa.” This is stupid, in her eyes, because “the burqa isn’t mentioned once in her article.” Clark-Flory therefore suggests that I “might want to brush up on the different types of veiling before entering such a debate.”

No, Ms. Clark-Flory, actually, before entering a debate, a person should try to grasp the basic concepts about which they think they are reporting on, so as not to humiliate  themselves before an entire readership — and make a laughingstock out of the publication for which they write.

So go to my rebuttal to Wolf, as painful as it may be for you, because it is evident that no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t grasp its main thesis, and read the third paragraph from the bottom.

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