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United In Praise of Eric Hoffer

Posted on September 4 2009 1:12 pm
David Swindle is the Managing Editor of NewsReal Blog and the Associate Editor of FrontPage Magazine. Follow him on Twitter here
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true believer

One of NewsReal’s new friends in the blogosphere, Cynthia Yockey aka A Conservative Lesbian, was excited to find that not only do both she and FrontPage Managing Editor Jamie Glazov support Phyllis Chesler and the rights of Muslim women but they’ve both been influenced by Eric Hoffer’s classic The True Believer:

Since “Jamie” can be either a male or female name, I wanted to find a photo and the Wikipedia biography of Jamie Glazov before responding to David’s generous invitation. What a wonderful revelation to find him! If you truly want to understand the psychological foundation of totalitarian movements, read Eric Hoffer’s books, starting with The True Believer. (In contrast, Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism is more like a taxonomy of totalitarianism: he tracks who, what and where, but not much why, and the work of Eric Hoffer, which ought to have been his North Star, is not a cloud on his horizon let alone a star in his sky — the magnitude of the omission is stupefying.) After listening to the videos below, I have the sense that Dr. Glazov is a true intellectual heir of Eric Hoffer in his understanding of the Left, especially with his explanation of how the fall of Communism created a vacuum for the Left that they are now filling with their embrace of Islam. I have been mystified about that — I think he explains it perfectly.

Check out her whole post, including the two videos of Glazov which she has embedded. Yockey’s friend Joy McCann aka Little Miss Attila also has additional follow-up and commentary on Glazov’s rebuttal of Naomi Wolf.

Editor’s note: Learn more about Eric Hoffer’s ideas about the Left in Jamie Glazov’s new book, “United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Tyranny and Terror.”

United in Hate cover

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