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"Green Jobs Czar" is a 9-11 'Truther'

Posted on September 3 2009 6:59 pm
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It’s now been discovered that Van Jones, President Obama’s “Green Jobs Czar” is a member of the 9-11 “Truther” movement.  Glenn Beck told viewers tonight that although he wanted to lead his program with this revelation, in fairness to the White House he held off until half-way into his show to give the administration time to respond.  They never did.  While some might think that Beck gets unduly agitated about some of his topics, this ought to be truly chilling to anyone with more than two functioning brain cells.  Beck reported that Jones’ signature appears on the 9-11 Truth Statement, an open letter demanding an investigation into whether the United States government knew about the attacks in advance and allowed them to happen or even worse — deliberately staged them for some unstated benefit to Bush administration insiders.  His name appears along with the signatures of Ed Asner, Janine Garafolo, former GA Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, and then-president of Code Pink, Jodie Evans.

How has this man been allowed to get this close to a sitting U.S. President?  As Beck correctly pointed out, there are only two possible answers to that question:  1) Total incompetence on the part of  FBI officials tasked with the vetting process for presidential advisors; or (both more likely and much more serious): 2) President Obama has known all along about this and other alarming facts regarding Mr. Jones and has no problem with any of them.

Think about that for a moment.

Newsreal’s bloggers have been following the Van Jones controversy for some time now (see here, here, and here), but at this point some very serious questions need to be asked.  As guest Michelle Malkin told Beck on this same show:

“I think it’s very important to look at what he (Jones) did, particularly in the San Francisco and Oakland schools.  This man was unleashed on classrooms during the late 1990s to crusade on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal (a notorious convicted cop killer).”

Jones, it has also been reported, founded Copwatch in the San Francisco bay area in the 1990s.  This organization, among other things, has fomented antagonism and racial grievances between minorities and law enforcement.  Another of their key objectives was apparently to undermine California’s juvenile justice system.  According to Michelle Malkin’s research, Jones has been working hard to create a synthesis between his hard left anti-American belief system and radical environmentalism.  It is this sort of “stealth” hybrid ideology which he has now brought to the White House as one of President Obama’s closest advisors.

Beck also pointed out that Jones recently gave a speech addressed to San Quentin inmates, urging them to get released and then help him “Form a cadre to repower and retrofit America.”  Malkin quite understandably wondered, “Just what exactly does that mean?”  Furthermore, according to Malkin, Valerie Jarrett, White House Senior Advisor, who was the driving force in bringing Van Jones into Obama’s closest circle, is also very close with Michelle Obama, who apparently shares Black Nationalist and radical sympathies.

Is it reasonable to ask now whether Barack Obama’s true agenda is even more radical than some of his harshest critics claimed during the presidential campaign?  You decide.

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