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Feminst Hawks Flock Together

Posted on September 3 2009 5:01 pm
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Two real feminist bloggers have weighed in on the ongoing Phyllis Chesler-Naomi Wolf feud over Wolf’s apparent apologetic for the burqa and Islamic gender apartheid which NewsReal stumbled into the middle of yesterday morning when Jamie Glazov wrote a post supporting Chesler.

(Quick back story: Wolf responded by demanding that David Horowitz, NewsReal’s Editor-In-Chief, remove Glazov’s post. Glazov wrote a knock-out rebuttal here and Chesler wrote her own post supporting it and expanding the debate. And now Horowitz has weighed in here — as I very much hoped he would.)

Now as the story circulates the blogosphere, Cynthia Yockey and Joy McCann are providing additional support for Chesler (and the millions of victimized Muslim women around the world) at their respective blogs, A Conservative Lesbian and Little Miss Attila.


I regard with horror the naivete and foolishness of feminists and lesbians and gays regarding the menace of Islam because they are the first ones who will lose their liberty and/or lives when Muslims move into a neighborhood. This is not prejudice toward Muslims — they are commanded to kill unbelievers. Women and gays are low-hanging fruit, as it were.

Naomi Wolf is one of this breed of feminist fools. She recently toured Morocco, Jordan and Egypt — where over 95 percent of women have had some sort of genital mutilation — and then published some claptrap about how sexually liberating the chador is and how she can really relate because she went shopping wearing a shalwar kameez, aka Punjabi suit.

Phyllis Chesler, a Jewish woman, who, in her foolish youth, married a Muslim man, moved to his country, was effectively imprisoned by him and managed to escape, has a much more authoritative view of Islam, Muslim sexuality, the burqa, the chador and the hijab. She punksmacks Naomi Wolf here.

Do be sure and check out Yockey’s post. She has some great images showing the range of garments that women in Islamic police states are forced to wear.

McCann’s thoughts:

Naomi has been hip for a while to how sexually deadening a hyper-sexualized culture can be, and she’s certainly provoked some interesting discussions on the place modesty might have in a grown-up, domestic sex life. (Along with the old stuff about pornography being a turn-off. Which a lot of it is; certainly the first person I heard articulate that point well was Kate Millett, who famously remarked that the fundamental problem with pornography is that is was so “unsexy.” That is very often the case, although the passages in Sexual Politics I found myself reading over and over again were, um . . . the quotes from Henry Miller. I didn’t care for the woman-hatred, but I thought that if that were removed all the sexy little games might be. You know: sexy.)

So, Ms. Wolf has taken the logic a bit further, and published an article that soft-peddles the extreme dress that women are required to wear in Islamist regimes. You know: the full-body-coverup, sense-deprivation getup that Oriana Fallaci had to put on to score her interview with the Ayatollah Khomeini. Her first question to him was, “how do you swim in this thing?” She also removed it in the middle of the interview, which was sensible.

Read all of McCann’s post too — it’s great stuff.

Be sure and keep Yockey and McCann on your radar. We feminist hawks need to flock together.

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