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It's No Accident That So Many Radicals Like Van Jones Surround President Obama

Posted on September 1 2009 1:15 am
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“The most transparent White House in the history of the world still hasn’t answered the questions we asked last week,” said Glenn Beck sarcastically on his TV show. “You know, tough questions like: ‘Why does the president have so many Marxists, socialists, radicals and self-proclaimed communists advising him?'”

“This isn’t an accident,” Beck said. “Obama‘s radical advisers are there for a reason: They’re fighting a revolution — just not the kind with the tri-cornered hats.”

He gave as an example Van Jones, the president’s green jobs czar who describes himself as a “communist.”

eva paterson

Eva Paterson

His former colleague Eva Paterson, who is president of the Equal Justice Society, defended Jones in a Huffington Post op-ed. Paterson writes that the White House is wise to avoid answering the charges leveled by Beck, “but someone has to set the record straight.”

Paterson admits for a while Jones used revolutionary 1960s-style rhetoric and romanticized revolutionary icons, but that was years ago. “Way back then, I counseled him to rethink his tactics and to work for change in wiser ways. In time, he jettisoned his youthful notions and moved on to seek more effective and attainable solutions.”

Note that Paterson never said Jones renounced communism. Jones merely reinvented himself to make himself more appealing to the American public.

As noted on this blog, the new approach taken by Jones was based on the teachings of radical organizer Saul Alinsky, who urged revolutionaries to try not to offend average Americans who could easily be turned off by open confrontation.

Alinsky urged revolutionaries to conceal the extremism of their objectives and to use deception to pass themselves off as moderates.

A mere four years ago in an interview, Jones described himself as a revolutionary who had reconciled himself to the need to use better, less openly confrontational tactics. He hasn’t changed.

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