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The Village Voice Lies About NewsReal, Libels Paul Cooper

Posted on August 31 2009 7:17 am
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This character defamation is not what I wanted to wake up to this morning, but  as NewsReal continues to grow it’s something we’ll have to grow accustomed to accompanying each morning’s breakfast. I’ve always taken my morning coffee black, though I guess now I’ll have to down it with two lumps of leftist lies.

It appears NewsReal is now officially part of the “Right-Wing Blogosphere,” as it made the regular round-up at the leftist Village Voice’s feature “The Voice Explores the Right-Wing Blogosphere.” Heh, Lies About the Right-Wing Blogosphere is more accurate. Though this shouldn’t be a surprise coming from a publication co-founded by novelist Norman Mailer, a serial slanderer of patriots.

The Voice’s Roy Edroso wrote today:

“Is Ted Kennedy really spending the afterlife wishing we would all accept Obamacare?” asked NewsReal Sunday’s Paul Cooper. “The Bible offers insight to this question.” He then described the torments of Hell.

That was it. Reading Edroso’s summary one would think that the point of Paul’s post was to make the mean-spirited, ugly point that Kennedy is now burning in hell.

But that wasn’t Paul’s point at all. No one who read Paul’s post honestly would take that wild leap because in addition to describing what the Bible says about Hell, he also discussed what the Bible says about Heaven. He concluded with the kind of evenhanded, compassionate commentary that I knew he’d provide NewsReal when I first tapped him to join us:

I am not Ted Kennedy’s judge, and I have no clue as to what exactly he is doing in the afterlife.  However, I think we can be pretty certain he no longer cares at all what is going on with Obamacare.  Senator Kennedy did many things that were good and many things that were bad (he was a major abortion advocate for example).  Regardless, we do not honor the man by using him for propaganda.  Let’s let the man rest in peace.

Now Edroso had to have read that. He had to have seen the whole piece. He had to have known that Paul wasn’t even making a controversial point. Fair-minded supporters of Obamacare would agree that it’s absurd to suggest that Ted Kennedy — wherever his spirit now resides — is thinking about politics.

At NewsReal we certainly take on plenty of issues and make more than our fair share of bold points. There’s room to challenge and debate us. But that’s not Edroso’s objective at all with his feature. He doesn’t want to exchange ideas or have a productive back-and-forth. He wants to cast his political opponents as wild-eyed extremists so that no one will consider their ideas. And to do that he has to lie. Mailer may have died in 2007 but it’s clear his cruel, dishonest legacy very much lives on.

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