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Another day, another fake "hate crime"

Posted on August 31 2009 10:00 am
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Site of staged "hate crime": Colorado Democratic Headquarters

Site of staged "hate crime": Colorado Democratic Party headquarters

FOX News preempted Sean Hannity’s Friday show to continue its ongoing coverage of the death of Senator Ted Kennedy. However, late last week, Hannity aired a segment about a tiny but telling story that got lost in all the Camelot hagiography.

Hannity was joined by Culture of Corruption author Michelle Malkin to discuss a bizarre incident that was quickly labeled a “hate crime.” As Hannity reported:

Eleven windows were smashed at the Democratic Party headquarters in Denver, Colorado. Now immediately following that act of vandalism, the head of Colorado’s Democratic Party alleged that the damage was probably inflicted by an opponent of President Obama‘s health care plan.

But Maurice Schwenkler, the only person charged in the incident so far, is far from a conservative. In fact, he was at one time a paid operative of the Democratic Party and even went door-to-door for candidates.

Fake “hate crimes” are one of Malkin’s specialties, making her the ideal guest for this report. She detailed a depressingly large number of them — all perpetrated by leftists attempting to discredit the Right — in her 2005 bestseller, aptly titled Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild.

And unlike the Average Joes & Janes who peacefully protest against “Obamacare” at town hall meetings, these left wing troublemakers are usually anything but ordinary. As one of Malkin’s blog sources in Colorado uncovered, “Maurice” Schwenkler is “a transgendered ‘Denver-based anarchist’ who goes by the name ‘Ariel Attack'” and belongs to something called “a bicycle collective.”

In November 2008, Schwenkler even received $500 to campaign door-to-door for Democrat Mollie Cullom — money paid by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) front group, the Colorado Citizens Coalition.

I dunno: when I was an anarchist, we didn’t believe in, you know, elections. Or money, for that matter. Kids these days!

One reason I left the Left was my growing awareness that most of our motivational myths were exaggerations, if not outright lies: “Roe” of Roe v. Wade hadn’t been raped after all; no one died at Three Mile Island; “progressive” Cuba was a racist, homophobic hellhole; the Kennedys were assassinated by leftists, not “right wingers”; Alger Hiss was guilty, and so were the Rosenbergs and Sacco & Vanzetti

If our cause is so righteous, I mused, why do we have to invent martyrs and fudge our facts? I never got more than a smirk for an answer. I guess the truth is: as long as a complicit mainstream media refuses to expose these fake “hate crimes” for what they really are, the tactic of lying continues to “work” for the Left.

In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — or better yet: break it yourself.

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