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NewsReal Sunday: Is Ted Kennedy Spending the Afterlife Concerned About Our Health Care?

Posted on August 30 2009 3:00 am
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It was so thoughtful for much of the news media to use the death of Ted Kennedy to promote Obamacare.  Nothing is more respectful to the dead than to use the end of their life as propaganda to push for leftist policies.  It would be comical if it wasn’t so sad that cable news shows spent the middle part of this week talking about the life and death of Ted Kennedy and then segueing into saying the best way to honor him is to do whatever it takes to serve up government-run healthcare.

Not surprisingly, the worst perpetrator of this exploitation of the dead came from Keith Olbermann.  On Wednesday, August 26, he devoted about five minutes to looking back on Kennedy’s life and then spent much of the rest of the show using the senator’s death to promote Obama and Pelosi’s health care reform.  He talked about how Obama “promised Ted” that he would pass the reform before the year was out.

Olbermann questioned Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont (the only openly socialist US Senator) asking him if Kennedy’s death could be used to convince all those darned Blue Dog Democrats to get on board.  Sanders thought it was a great idea, and that ultimately all Democrats would come through and pass the health care legislation with no need of Republicans.

I guess all the Democrats who are actually questioning the value of Obama’s health care plans will now be given guilt trips about what Teddy would want.  Olbermann went so far as to say that everyone alive in America today has a healthier body because of the legislation Kennedy has helped pass.  Huh?  Are you telling me if it wasn’t for Ted I might have diabetes, gingivitis, or mesotheleoma right now?  And if I would simply shut up and follow the hopes of the now-deceased, my health care would give me a six-pack abs and help me live to 120?

There’s a spiritual question to all this too.  Is Ted Kennedy really spending the afterlife wishing we would all accept Obamacare?  That is what many would lead us to believe.  But what do you spend your time doing in the afterlife?  The Bible offers insight to this question.

The scriptures tell us that we will end up in either Heaven or Hell when we die.  In Luke 16 we are told of a rich man who went to Hell.  He only had two wishes, and neither of them had to do with government policies.  His main wish was for relief – even just the relief of a drop of water on his tongue.  His second wish is that someone from Heaven would go tell his family about how horrible Hell was.  That’s it – nothing about telling Blue Dog Congressmen how to vote.

What about Heaven?  Heaven is a place where we will see God and then want to worship and serve Him.  As one poet wrote:

In heaven we’ll see our Savior
And like Him we will be;
We’ll praise Him and we’ll serve Him
For all eternity!

Again, nothing about spending your time in the presence of God wishing that a 1,000-plus-page piece of legislation would be passed into law.

I am not Ted Kennedy’s judge, and I have no clue as to what exactly he is doing in the afterlife.  However, I think we can be pretty certain he no longer cares at all what is going on with Obamacare.  Senator Kennedy did many things that were good and many things that were bad (he was a major abortion advocate for example).  Regardless, we do not honor the man by using him for propaganda.  Let’s let the man rest in peace.

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