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Massacre Avoided At Hillsdale High School

Posted on August 28 2009 10:00 pm
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1_21_450_gutfeld_gregFox News was able to break from Ted Kennedy coverage enough to give the 3am time slot back to Red Eye; for that I would like to say thank you.

On the discussion board was the recent high school bombing of host Greg Gutfeld’s old stomping grounds of Hillsdale High School in San Mateo, California.  Former student Alex Youshock decided to go into the school armed with pipe bombs as well as a sword and chainsaw.  My first reaction was to wonder if this was a joke, sure sounds like it.  I mean, who packs a sword and chainsaw?  Sounds like to workings of a bad horror film.

Host Greg Gutfeld said:

“He no longer went to Hillsdale and he was one of those kind of strange kids that came back to cause revenge.”

Everyone remembers a group of kids (or just one kid) from their high school that was questionable at best.  It’s tough to pin down what motivates each radical kid to go off the deep end like this.  I was in tenth grade when the Columbine shootings occurred and it scared me half to death.  If it could happen in a small mountain town, it could certainly happen in my town. Unfortunately these school shootings don’t go away.

Hillsdale English teacher Kennet Santana played a significant role:

“As students crouched for cover in their classrooms, Santana, 34, moved toward the explosions shortly after 8 a.m. Monday. In the hallway outside the library, he saw a boy wearing a tactical vest with what turned out to be eight other pipe bombs.

Santana thought at first the youth was a student trying to run from whatever was happening. But when he noticed a pipe bomb sticking out of one of the boy’s pockets, he realized that the youth was a threat – and that he had to stop him.

Without hesitation, Santana tackled the boy in a bear hug, pinned his arms to his sides, flipped him to the ground and stayed on top of him while yelling at other teachers to call for help.”

This teacher is certainly a hero, who knows what kind of harm this crazed student could have caused?  Lives were saved due to Santana’s heroic efforts.

Local reports state:

“Youshock was charged with two counts of premeditated attempted murder, two counts of explosion of a destructive device with the intent to commit murder, two counts of possession of a deadly weapon (a sword and a chain saw), possession of destructive devices in a public place and explosion of a destructive device in an act of terrorism.”

Hillsdale senior Quinta Ekong reacts:

“It makes you look at everyone and think, ‘It could be you or you or you,’ “she said, “It’s very unnerving.”

Situations like this leave every student a little shaken, whether close to the scene or states away.  Every time this happens it gives us a cold reminder that it can really happen anywhere.

The worst part of this story for me is that something like this is not a surprise; this should be a once-every-20-years type of story (Or it should just never happen at all!!).  Unfortunately these things occur far too often, every year or every couple years.  Kids need to quit getting so upset by what happens in high school; it is all so trivial!

The good thing here is that they caught this guy at Hillsdale before he killed a bunch of people and then himself, which is usually the way these escapades end.  They are usually suicide missions, like Columbine or the Virginia Tech massacre and everything in between.  Even academia is not safe…from professors or students!

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