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Hide Your Money, the Africans are Coming!

Posted on August 28 2009 1:20 am
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global warming

This December, as Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! tells us, a Climate Summit will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The purpose of this summit will be to renew the Kyoto Climate Treaty Against Global Warming (Kyoto Protocol), which went into effect in 2005 (the United States was not a signatory to that treaty). At the Copenhagen Summit, a group of African nations, led by Ethiopia, will make an extraordinary demand of the West.

The Africans, Goodman reports, are going to demand $67 billion per year from Western developed nations (read: “the United States”) as reparations for the “devastating effects of climate change on the African continent.”

Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi frames the situation as follows:

Africa is going to need development assistance perhaps more so than in the past given the more hostile global economic environment that appears to be emerged. The international community needs to take urgent steps to limit global warming to about 2 degrees Celsius, which is going to hit Africa first and hit it hard.

The most effective means of adapting to climate change is growth and transformation of Africa’s economy that needs funds from the international community.

What the international community can do is to either become a stumbling block or a helping hand in the struggle for African economic growth and transformation.

On August 31, African heads of state are going to meet in Tripoli, Libya in order to iron out the details of the “compensation” package. In attendance—and deciding the fate of the developed world—will be such bastions of liberty, freedom and fiscal responsibility as Ethiopia, Algeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Nigeria, Libya, Uganda, and a host of others. Nearly all of these countries have already received billions of dollars in aid over the years, with little to show for it besides graft, corruption and the personal enrichment of their despots.

And the devil, as they say, is in the details. Democracy Now!’s annual reparations figure of $67 billion is probably the minimum for which the Africans will settle. As Dr. Abebe Hailegabriel, acting director of the African Union’s Rural Economy and Agriculture Department, put it:

Trillions of dollars might not be enough in compensation.

The Africans have begun to look at their environment in a new way. Instead of deserts, savannahs and plains, they’re seeing dollar signs. There is a word for what they have in mind for the December Summit: extortion. This sudden environmental awakening on their part is nothing but a ruse to extort billions of additional dollars from the West.

The United States never ratified the Kyoto Treaty Against Global Warming. It would be wise to stay away from its successor in Copenhagen as well.

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