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Ted Kennedy's Death Exposes the Left's Power-Hungry Hypocrisy

Posted on August 27 2009 1:00 pm
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This country is supposed to be a nation of laws. That is what keeps us stable. We have elections, where leaders with different ideas can vie to have the people put them in charge for a limited time. Elections follow the same rules each time. Those rules are seldom changed because politicians, the ultimate masters of self-preservation, suspect if they do anything too blatantly self-serving (though some Senators certainly strain the limits of “too blatant”), the public might throw them out.


Being allowed to work out our differences within such an established framework prevents us from descending into the violence of third-world countries, where political opposition has no recourse but armed resistance. We don’t need to do that, because unlike and Saddam’s Iraq, Castro’s Cuba, or Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, we know our elections are, while not perfect, at least fair and open and everyone has to play by the same rules.

But in the past few years, Massachusetts has led the way in changing all of that.

Flash back to 2004, when Senator John Kerry was running for President. Democrats, worried that if he should win, Republican governor Mitt Romney would be able to appoint Kerry’s successor, quickly changed the election laws to require a special election. Until then, the governor could appoint whomever he or she wished.

Now, of course, Democrats find that same law burdensome, when one of their own has passed away and a Democrat once again controls the Massachusetts governorship. So, Mass Dems have taken up the cry to change the law yet again. Even Senator Ted Kennedy himself, before his death, urged for the law to be changed.


This is of course nothing more than the politics of blatant opportunism. Democrats don’t want to be without their crucial 60th vote during their push for ObamaCare. And they hardly fear electoral reprisal since Massachusetts is at this point basically a one-party state—Democrats control the State House 141-19 and the State Senate 35-5.

This is the sort of power-grab that, if conservatives attempted it, the media would scream to high heaven. For all the leftist hand-wringers who predicted that Bush was going to suspend the Cconstitution and declare himself dictator, he followed the laws. But these are east-coast leftists, so rest assured the media has no worries and sees no problem in this blatant hypocrisy. It was barely worth a mention on Anderson Cooper 360, with Senior Correspondent Joe Johns having time for only one small casual remark that “they’re [Democrats] still trying to figure out whether they’re going to follow the law.” Add in the fact that many people are suggesting that the most logical successors to Kennedy are either his wife or his nephew, and things seem a little funny in the Kingdom of Massachusetts. Kings talk about “succession,” too. We shouldn’t have to read headlines like “Pols eye once-in-a-generation-opening.” That’s not democracy (yes, yes, we know, we’re a constitutional republic), that’s dynasty.

If politicians begin to treat election laws like so much play-dough, to be molded into whatever their hearts desire, then it would not take long for people to lose faith in the entire system. That’s a recipe for disaster, and a dish we’d rather not see cooked any time soon.

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