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Abortion and Health Care: Who are the real Liars?

Posted on August 27 2009 3:00 pm
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The favorite tactic of Obamacare advocates is to simply call their opponents names. We’ve heard, for instance, that we’re racists, bigots, anti-American, and much worse. One of the more popular things to call us is “liars.”  Any problem we see in the government plan, they respond with a thundering and profound: “Liar, Liar pants on fire.”

While people like Nancy Pelosi and Robert Gibbs are transparent, name-calling hacks, President Obama loves to use their tactic himself, but in more nuanced ways. In an August 19 webcast put together by leftist religious organizations, Obama declared that abortion most certainly would not be paid for by the government under health care reform. His opponents, he charged, were engaging in “distortion.” “You’ve heard that this is all going to mean government funding of abortion,” said Obama. “Not true. These are all fabrications….”

The President really makes calling someone a liar almost sound nice.  However, his followers, including those in the media, have taken on his charge.  They depict anyone who says abortion will be covered in the new health care plan as a dirty, low-down prevaricator.  Chris Matthews especially likes to talk about the so-called “lies” of the right. But he almost changed his mind last week on Hardball.

On the August 18th episode of his program, Matthews exclaimed confidently to NBC journalist Chuck Todd: “No federal dollars for abortion.”  Todd then began to explain why pro-lifers say otherwise.  And for a minute Matthews almost became a journalist again.  He responded by calling the pro-life argument “a fair leap [of logic],” based on the fact that government would subsidize private insurance for poor people – and that private insurance will pay for abortion; therefore government will be funding abortions.  But before he fell off the Obama express, Mr. Todd made sure he got back on:

MATTHEWS:  … and that insurance covers abortion—so you‘re saying these plans would do that.

TODD:  Well, no, I‘m just saying that is the argument that…

MATTHEWS:  Well, will these plans—will these plans cover abortion the government’s subsidizing?

TODD:  Not a single independent fact checker has been able to prove that…

And then Matthews remembered how deeply he loves Obama, and he moved off the subject and began talking about death panels.

So are pro-lifers lying? Will the government not cover abortions?  There is one sure-fire way to guarantee that it won’t: Pass a law to make sure of it!

Richard Land, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Council for Southern Baptists, made the point clearly in a recent interview with Baptist Press:

There’s a very simple way to solve this dilemma — that is to support language that specifically excludes abortion. Pro-life Democrats, in alliance with pro-life Republicans in the House, have tried repeatedly to get such abortion-exclusionary language into the various bills that are in the Congress, and they have been rebuffed every time.

If, as the President alleges, abortion is not to be considered a covered procedure in any government option, what’s the problem with specifically saying so by excluding it in the legislative language? I would encourage President Obama to pick up the phone and call his party’s leaders in the House and tell them to drop their opposition to specifically excluding abortion as a covered procedure in any proposed legislation.

Until President Obama does just that, he and his cronies are the only ones who deserve to be called liars.

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