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CNN Puts White House Spin on Bernanke Announcement

Posted on August 26 2009 8:37 pm
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Stop the presses!!!  Ben Bernanke will continue to do his job.

In a totally unexpected move that took the nation by complete surprise, President Obama announced Tuesday that he is nominating Bernanke for a second term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve, pending token Senate confirmation.

This sudden and highly-anticipated announcement from President Obama undoubtedly allayed the fears of millions of anxious Americans who have been able to think of little else the past several weeks.

President Obama had to interrupt his fun in the sun, switch out his Bermuda shorts for khakis and a blazer, and go before the hot cameras in a school gymnasium, without air-conditioning, to make this unforeseen announcement – an announcement that could not have waited until the President’s return to Washington in a few days.

With 30-plus czars, 15 cabinet secretaries, a chief of staff, two deputy chiefs of staff, three senior advisers, an Office of Communications, and countless other White House staff members, you’d think someone would have told the President about Bernanke’s nomination before he went on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard.

Suzanne Malveaux reported on CNN’s The Situation Room, just how disconcerting and inconvenient the timing of this announcement must have been for President Obama, who “interrupted his own Martha’s Vineyard vacation” to make the announcement, despite Obama’s previous declaration of a “news-free vacation.”

But it’s not like the White House had any control over the timing of this impromptu press conference, right?

On the other hand – could it be that what’s really going on here is nothing more than good old-fashioned political maneuvering? A tried-and-true method of public relations – bury bad news by inventing other news as a distraction?

Undoubtedly, the administration hoped that the Bernanke announcement would take some attention off the $2 trillion increase in the projected budget deficit. After all, it’s not like this is Obama’s first crack at piling onto the federal deficit, given his lead on various legislative attempts to stimulate the economy by disseminating taxpayer dollars like confetti at a parade – including stimulus checks for $250 apiece to 3,900 prison inmates. No biggie – that’s only $975,000.

Question for the Obama administration: Did you really think that, for even the duration of the Obama/Bernanke press conference, Americans would simply forget about the additional $2 trillion you added to the federal deficit? Or the health care reform debacle, the plight of the millions of unemployed in our country, the ongoing and deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, and countless other crises and issues we face as a nation while the President works on his golf swing. Because we are just that stupid, right? So the Obama administration hopes.

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