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Texas Cops Watched "Superbad" One Too Many Times

Posted on August 25 2009 4:26 pm
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Over the weekend, the Fox News Channel’s Red Eye discussed an outrageous story that took place last week in Texas.  Apparently, while dining at a “Twin Peaks” restaurant, a group of police officers decided to take pictures of a scantily dressed waitress who was holding a gun while sitting on a squad car.

Deputies Investigated

Local reports state that:

“There were four deputies taking pictures, some with cell phones, one with a patrol-issued camera (that is the reason the picture is subject to open records), and one Deputy stayed in the restaurant,” said Midland County Sheriff Gary Painter. “The Deputy that stayed in the restaurant received a letter of reprimand, three (including the one that took the picture) received three days off without pay each, and the Deputy that handed the rifle to the waitress had his employment terminated.”

Red Eye ombudsman Andy Levy joked about details of the report:

“The deputies say they each had three to five beers.  I’m going to go ahead and assume that means seven.”

Yeah, maybe three to five (or seven) shots of Bacardi 151!  It is not like they just took a picture of her just sitting on the car. An officer actually handed her an AR-15 assault rifle!  Even with a couple of beers anyone should be able to know this is not a smart move.


My first reaction was that these cops had a strong desire to be the “cool” cops from the 2007 film Superbad.  The film had two officers, Slater (Bill Hader) and Michaels (Seth Rogen).  After responding to a robbery, they pick up a youngster trying to buy beer (The Infamous “McLovin”) and instead of busting him they buy him beer and show him a good time.

I can see both Officers Slater and Michaels along with these Texas deputies, half in the bag, snapping pictures of an armed waitress on their squad car.  These cops, especially the officer that handed this waitress the rifle, are probably too stupid to realize that the cops in Superbad were not meant to be a shining example of law enforcement.

I also have a feeling that these cops spent that morning chugging syrup like the officers in the cult classic film Super Troopers.  I wonder if they see every Hollywood comedy about law enforcement as a scientific reality.  If they can’t take their job seriously, they shouldn’t be cops.  It is that simple.

With the Left continuing its decades-long crusade to cast police as racists and fascists, the last thing our fine boys in blue need is an incident like this for radicals to exploit as justification for depicting all police as sexists.

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