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From the Pen of David Horowitz: August 23, 2009

Posted on August 23 2009 12:49 am
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These events illustrate the strategy that has been adopted by opponents of academic freedom: Deny that a problem exists at all, and then discredit anyone who says that it does.

“Intellectual Muggings”

This quote of the day was selected by Julie Bushey Trevor who noted its value by saying:

David, this is a very short quote in a piece about academic freedom, but I think it quite useful to when thinking about any current event or cause taken on by the left (as is the case with much of David’s work).
-the problems with the science of “global warming”
-the problems with the left’s health care plan
-the problems with liberalism

Julie is very perceptive. This point is an important theme of Horowitz’s work and he elaborated on this idea in his book Indoctrination U: The Left’s War with Academic Freedom. And part of Horowitz’s point in writing the book was not just to talk about the indoctrination issue but to demonstrate the methodology of the Left. And Julie is right to point out how these tactics are applied to other issues.

Let’s be sure and keep this leftist tactic in mind and not accidentally emulate it. When problems exist (as they do in our health care system for example,) why don’t we acknowledge them and try and promote more effective, freedom-oriented solutions that draw on our knowledge of human nature and capitalism.

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