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Obama Reshuffles the Deck, Deals Himself the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" Card

Posted on August 21 2009 1:00 pm
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Anderson Cooper 360 showed a wonderful comedy sketch last night. For a little bit of background: Karl Marx once stated that history repeats itself, first as tragedy and second as farce. Well, if the HillaryCare debacle of 1993-94 was a tragedy (and you’d have to be some kind of Marxist to think it was), then ObamaCare must be the farce. And that would make Barack Obama a funny, funny man.

The situations are certainly similar – two vast government health care proposals, both of which are becoming incredibly unpopular and driving down approval ratings for the President and his party.

APTOPIX Obama Health Care

AC 360 played a clip from a recent Obama interview on the Michael Smerconish radio show. And Obama, master of farce and wit that he is, unleashed this devastating parody of that famous quote from Hillary Clinton—now his own Secretary of State—about the “vast right wing conspiracy” trying to bring down her husband’s presidency:

“I think early on, a decision was made by the Republican leadership that said, ‘Look, let’s not give them a victory. Maybe we can have a replay of 1993-94 when Clinton came in. He failed on health care and then we won in the midterm elections and we got the majority.'”

That’s great. Just a dead-on parody of leftist paranoia, fear, and blame-gaming.

What? What’s that you say? He was serious? Oh dear. It seems the President is rapidly climbing the Unintentional Comedy scale.

Let us remind the President of a time a few short months ago when the Republican party was in such a rudderless, leaderless state that the Democrats themselves started a campaign to paint Rush Limbaugh as the leader of conservatives in general and of the Republican Party, and it met with some success (though mostly among the left).

Fortunately, Anderson Cooper had Ron Paul on to make just that point, as well as to point out the specious reasoning of the “you’re being too partisan” argument.

Said Congressman Paul:

“I think he’s giving the Republicans too much credit. I don’t think we’re that well organized… I can’t see where one side is more partisan than the other. If people don’t agree with one side, they say, you’re overly strong partisan, and vice versa.”

Let us just say, as people who have great respect for many of Ron Paul’s fiscally conservative ideals but a healthy suspicion of his more bizarre moments, that if Ron Paul is the voice of sanity and reason in a debate against you, Mr. President, you may have gone around some kind of bend.

Obama’s problem is he has cause and effect exactly reversed. It’s not that Republicans were such a unified, unbreakable bloc faction that they decided to give health care no chance of passing. It’s that his desire to have an ever-expanding role of government in all our lives was so overreaching, so onerous, that it galvanized that voting public enough to give the Republicans the kick in the pants they needed to come together with some sense of unity to oppose ObamaCare.

Mr. President, I hate to break it to you, but by your definition, over half the country is currently a part of the New Improved Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. But if you really believe in your own rhetoric, go ahead and push for a Democrat-only bill. You’ve got the votes, remember? Just don’t be surprised when 2010 rolls around, if the Democrats aren’t the stars of the show in a repeat performance of that great comedy, Stinging Electoral Defeat.

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