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Healthcare Co-ops A Ruse, Ann Coulter Says

Posted on August 21 2009 1:15 am
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Democrats are backing away from the so-called public option in healthcare that would lead to a total government takeover of the nation’s healthcare system but this is a ruse, commentator Ann Coulter said Thursday on the “Glenn Beck Program.”

Democrats are now touting healthcare co-ops which amount to the same thing because they would also lead to nationalization of the U.S. healthcare system, she explained. Said Coulter:

As long as they have government control of medical care, you’re not going to be able to buy it like you buy everything else, like you buy computers and milk and dog-walking services and manicures, and we don’t have a crisis in any of those things because we don’t have massive government regulations over those things. Let the free market operate and medical care will get better and costs will come down, as the free market has historically proven to do in every possible area of commerce.

Americans don’t want the “Orwellianly named public option,” Coulter said. “I mean it is not an option whether or not you pay for it. As Fox News has demonstrated by interviewing [sic] the likes of Barney Frank, … the public option is the camel’s nose in the tent. This is how they plan to drive out
all private options in the market.”

Meanwhile, desperate to save ObamaCare, Organizing for America, the Saul Alinsky-style community organizing branch of the Democratic National Committee, hosted an online forum with President Obama Thursday.

At the pep rally for socialist healthcare, President Obama said:

I continue to support a public option. I think it’s important. But it’s just one component. Insurance reforms are also needed. Insurance reforms are the belt, the public option is the suspenders.

Not exactly the best use of metaphor. Who wears both a belt and suspenders?

One definition of a belt-and-suspenders man is “a man with something to hide.”

Ah, now I get it.

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