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Yankee Go Home!

Posted on August 20 2009 1:15 am
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A ragtag group of leftist academics, Marxists, socialist anti-American groups, and peace-through-surrender religious organizations – all working together under the umbrella of an entity called the “Fellowship of Reconciliation – have sent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a letter urging her to convince President Barack Obama to change his mind on an important issue.

What they want Obama to reconsider, Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman tells us, is his decision to expand the U.S. military presence in Colombia.  Colombia, reports Goodman:

has agreed to grant U.S. forces the use of three military bases for anti-drug operations while also allowing hundreds of troops and private military contractors inside its borders.

This move, all good Marxists seem to unanimously agree, would not be a good thing for them. Brazil’s socialist president doesn’t like it.  Venezuela’s soon-to-be-dictator-for-life, Hugo Chavez, doesn’t like it and has threatened to go to war with Colombia if it goes through with the plan. Ecuador’s leftist president and Chavez wannabe Rafael Correa has broken off relations with Colombia. Bolivia’s Marxist strongman Evo Morales, comfortable in his role as Chavez stooge, is also threatening to use force.

So why are they all up in arms just because the United States wants to help an ally control the drug trade within its borders?  They don’t like it, quite obviously, because they all profit from the drug trade.

It’s the drug money that keeps the economies of those countries viable in the wake of their failed socialistic policies. It’s the drug money that has allowed them to purchase vast quantities of arms from Russia, North Korea and the black market. And, as is now beyond dispute, it is the drug money that Chavez’s government earns through its allegiance with the drug cartels that allow it to support terrorism abroad.

Evidence in the form of documents, videos, laptops and flash drives that were seized by Colombia during a raid on a rebel camp, has provided direct proof that both Venezuela and Ecuador have been giving cash and material support to the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), terrorist guerrillas who have been waging a bloody civil war in Colombia.

The drug trade brings in huge revenue for Chavez and his allies, and they do not want the U.S. cutting off their precious flow of cash. That’s why they don’t want U.S. troops in Colombia.

Amy Goodman, however, neglected to tell us that.

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