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From the Pen of David Horowitz: August 20, 2009

Posted on August 20 2009 12:50 am
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If you’re on the left, you believe in an earthly redemption of one sort or another. You regard yourself as a social redeemer. You see the problems of the world, social problems, as the result of bad institutions that can be changed, and you believe that there can be a world with no racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no Islamophobia, no poverty, no war, etc. This is really as close to the kingdom of heaven on earth as you can get. That’s conceptually what the left’s revolutionary fantasy – its fantasy of “social justice” – is about. It’s an escape from the existential reality that we all face, which is a world full of misery and suffering. Which is what it has always has been and — unless we re-engineer mankind genetically — always will be. So if you’re on the left you see yourself as a member of the Army of the Saints and you see your opponents—conservatives and Republicans who think that you really can’t do what you want to do and who are going to oppose it—you see us as the Party of Satan. So the left is by nature much more intolerant than the right.

Of course there are people on the right who are religious fanatics, who have the same mentality as leftists. People who blow up abortion clinics or people who, you know, think that you can eliminate abortions all together by passing laws. You can’t do that, anymore than you could outlaw alcohol and make that stick. You just can’t. I think abortion is a bad idea but I don’t think it should be completely outlawed. I’m kind of in the middle. When I grew up abortion was illegal after the first trimester, and so I regard that as a reasonable compromise.

— From an interview with Campus Progress titled “Who is the Enemy?”

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