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What if Cindy Sheehan held a protest and nobody came?

Posted on August 18 2009 10:00 am
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That’s the question Sean Hannity posed on his FOX News program last night.

Cindy Sheehan first made headlines in 2005, when she began camping out in front of President George W. Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. At first, Sheehan said she simply wanted a meeting with Bush to discuss the death of her son Casey, a U.S. Army soldier killed in Iraq.

Sheehan wasn’t particularly telegenic or articulate. However, a moribund mainstream media desperate to relive the “glory” days of anti-Vietnam War protests showered her with attention, and Sheehan dutifully reinvented herself as an all-around radical with a growing list of political peeves.

Public sympathy for the mourning mother eventually turned to disgust, as Sheehan’s self-promoting pronouncements grew increasingly petulant. In one day alone,  Sheehan called President Bush a “lying bastard,” a “chickenhawk,” a “filth-spewer,” and a “warmonger.” Meanwhile, she cozied up to the likes of Venezuela’s Marxist President Hugo Chavez (pictured above) and the terrorist-abetting “radical attorney” Lynne Stewart (below, right).



Since President Bush was the focus of Sheehan’s wrath, one might have expected that the election of the ultra-leftist Barack Obama would have sent the nation’s most famous agitator into retirement. But as Hannity reported last night, Sheehan now plans to transplant her anti-war protests to the new President’s Martha’s Vineyard retreat. Chances are, though, she’ll find herself alone, without her Code Pink retinue of America-haters or her erstwhile media cheerleaders.

She doesn’t seem to realize that, as Byron York observed in the Washington Examiner, “…opposing the war was really about opposing George W. Bush. When Bush disappeared, so did their anti-war passion.”

As Hannity said last night about Sheehan’s latest quixotic stunt: “I’ll be looking for those big headlines, but I won’t be holding my breath.”

For those of us looking for a silver lining to Obama’s victory, I suppose the shunning of Cindy Sheehan will have to do for now.

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