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That Blasted 2nd Amendment, or yet another attempt to demonize anti-Obamacare protesters

Posted on August 18 2009 1:00 pm
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You can tell the media think they’ve got it. The smoking gun. The story that will tar anti-Obamacare protesters as crazy. The story that will—finally!—reverse the current trends in health-care-reform public opinion.

You can tell, because this guy:protester_1464203c

is everywhere. Last night, he was the center of a smear piece by CNN’s Campbell Brown. He showed up on Anderson Cooper 360 as well. At that time, we thought it was just a cable-news story, one more in a seemingly endless series of breathless stories about those angry, rabid right-wingers (who actually represent the majority of Americans, but never mind that!) who are ruining health care reform.

But this morning, we couldn’t get away from him. There he was, top story on There he was, front and center on CNN’s homepage. MSNBC, too. All the reliably left-wing media sources  trumpeted this story as loudly as they could. Because in Leftwingistan, “gun” automatically equals “crazy,” don’t you know?

Last night on Campbell Brown’s program, the host was beside herself that someone would dare to exercise his Constitutional rights in such a manner:

BROWN: I’m about to show you something that is perfectly legal, but think about your own reaction when I tell you this is right outside the convention center where President Obama spoke today in Phoenix. This is a man who showed up with what we believe to be a semiautomatic rifle hanging off his shoulder. Arizona, among the states where you can carry a firearm in public.

Oh no! A gun! In public! Conforming to all laws and regulations! Whatever shall we do?

She continued:

And he was not alone. About a dozen others were also in the crowd armed. Are they merely invoking their right or part of what could be a really dangerous trend here? … Nobody’s questioning anybody’s Second Amendment rights here. This is about just basic rational thought….But the bottom line is, there are kids there. There are other people at this rally. The president is there. I mean…Can’t the Secret Service do something about this?

I think that’s the entire checklist of leftist talking point with regard to guns. Not illegal, but! The Children! Can’t somebody please Just Do Something about those gun owners?

We are always amused watching leftists, especially leftists in the media, talk about guns. It’s obvious that they hate guns, and even more that they are afraid of them. People who own guns are nearly invariably portrayed in the media as hot-headed crazies, or misguided idiots. Often, the reporter will express wishes that politicians could somehow get around that pesky 2nd Ammendment and take guns away anyway.

We wonder, why is that? Is it simple Pauline Kael-ism—no one they know owns a gun, so they don’t believe that their version of right-thinking Americans could possibly own one? Forty-two percent of American homes have at least one gun, including 33% of Democrat homes, so you would think that the media would not want to offend such a sizable group. Then again, if ratings are any indication, maybe they just figure no one who owns a gun watches them anymore, so why not?

Is their palpable fear of guns rooted in ignorance? Does the left fear guns because they do not understand them?  Look at Brown’s words again as she introduced the story – “what we believe to be a semiautomatic rifle.” “What we believe?” This isn’t some recently-unearthed artifact of an ancient civilization, whose purpose and function is unknown. It’s just a gun.

We do not own a gun at present, although we fully support those who do, and we plan to purchase at least one for our home in the near future. But even we could tell you that yes, that’s a semiautomatic weapon. That’s an AR-15. It’s not a machine gun or a military grade weapon, it’s a semiautomatic rifle. It’s not a submachine gun like an Uzi — those are completely different. It’s not a menace or a threat simply to carry a weapon like that.  Police use semiautomatic weapons every day.

Now there’s an idea. Maybe the leftist media doesn’t like the idea of a citizenry armed as well as the government. To which we say: please, re-read some history. Read the Constitution. It is not an armed populace you should fear, but a government with absolutely no checks on its power.

Later, after the hoopla about the guns, another moment passed unremarked upon by CNN’s Anderson Cooper. In a brief video clip of health-care supporters, behind the ready-made signs from HCAN (Health Care for America Now) and SEIU (the notoriously thuggish Service Employees International Union), was a black-and-white poster reading “9/11 Truth.”

Truthers, mixed in among professional protestors supporting Obamacare: There’s an actual story. There are the real crazies. But don’t expect the media to report that any time soon. It wouldn’t fit the narrative.

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