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Let the Elderly Eat Pabulum

Posted on August 18 2009 6:11 am
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First it looked like the Obama administration was finally going to listen to the American people and drop the public health insurance option.  Then, under pressure from the Left, the administration insisted that the recent comments to that effect by its Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had been misinterpreted. Failed presidential hopeful and former Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean, for example, said that without the public option there can be no health care reform. (Dean, by the way, supports a $2 trillion tax hike for social programs.) The Congressional Black Caucus, which never met a Big-Government program it didn’t love, said much the same thing in opposition to dropping public health insurance.

But whether we end up with a government-run health insurance plan or some hybrid involving a not-for-profit health co-op,  the  result will be the same — rationed care, Canadian-style, that denies top-quality care to the elderly in order to save money for the more “productive” members of society.

Dick Morris, a regular Fox News contributor, appeared on Sean Hannity’s program last night, as he has on The O’Reilly Factor previously, to make this simple but compelling point: Rationed care under Obama is inevitable because of the basic economic law of supply and demand.  The government will be drastically increasing demand for subsidized health care by adding millions of illegal aliens to the eligibility list.  In order to save money to pay for the huge new entitlement program, government Medicare payments to doctors to perform surgeries and to provide other needed services for the elderly will be slashed dramatically.  This is a disguised from of price controls that will drive many doctors to stop participating in the Medicare program altogether; others will refuse to perform surgeries, etc., knowing they will not be adequately reimbursed for their efforts.

Supply of medical care to the elderly, who have paid into the system while working and who deserve our full respect and care if we are to call ourselves a humane society, is to be drastically cut in order to accommodate the new demands imposed on the system by an influx of illegal aliens who do not even belong in this country.

In short, let the elderly eat pabulum so that illegal aliens and other free-loaders can suck us dry.

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