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Father of Bristol Palin's Baby: the Media's Useful Idiot

Posted on August 18 2009 3:00 pm
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Monday night’s Red Eye gave us some insight into the ultra-worthless life of media tool Levi Johnston, father of Sarah Palin’s grandson.  Bravo’s Andy Cohen asked if Levi, after posing shirtless for GQ magazine, might ever pose nude. Why would anyone care?

Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld put it simply:

“He is 17 years old, he’s an idiot, have will have no potential to make money in his life…because he’s an IDIOT.”

Last week’s Red Eye also discussed Levi’s latest rambling for  He has spoken about how Sarah Palin “took money” and ran from her government post.  See more in the video link below:

Talking with Levi is merely the latest method the mainstream media have found for bringing pain and disrepute to the Palin family; Levi is nothing more than their unwitting stooge.

Red Eye guest and conservative commentator Tucker Carlson said this of Levi:

“He is not just a pot head; he is doing a bong hit between every sentence.  He has no idea where he is, I feel sorry for him, I do.  When he wakes up out of his stupor and realizes how he is being used, he is going to feel bad about it.”

Levi is only important to the media because he has cut his ties with the Palin family and may be willing to give up “juicy” details.  He is their useful idiot, the media’s “jackass.”  Why does anyone care what this guy thinks?  He knocked up a governor’s daughter and split.  His word should have no currency whatsoever.

What’s next for Levi? His fellow jackasses on MTV have already set an example. Maybe we’ll see him in the street, kicking his own dad while someone holding a video camera laughs hysterically.

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