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The Nation Compares Health Care Opponents to Racists

Posted on August 15 2009 4:00 pm
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From last week’s issue of The Nation, the flagship publication of the Left:

The White House call for progressives to ignore these Democratic obstructionists is not much different from Lyndon Johnson telling Martin Luther King Jr. to halt civil rights demonstrations in a South ruled by segregationist Democrats. Change never comes from following such advice.

This comparison isn’t an accident. “Progressives” continually try and cast the push for socialized medicine as the new Civil Rights cause, as though the inability to get taxpayers to pay for one’s medical care was in any way comparable to Jim Crow and segregation.

Just look at that above image of health care socialization advocates. One of them even has a sign that says “Health Care is a Human Right.” It’s a sentiment to which I — and pretty much all conservatives — would nod in agreement. Medical Services are indeed a right. Go in to an emergency room and they legally cannot refuse to give you service which will save your life. And that’s the way it should be.

Free Medical Services Paid For With Taxpayer Dollars is not a right. It never has been a right as our country has defined “rights” for over two centuries. And the push to make it a “right” emanates from a political tradition that stands in stark opposition to the one which has served our country so well for so long.

There are certainly plenty of arguments the advocates of “single-payer” have in their quiver. This “rights” arrow is not the sharpest or most accurate that they have at their disposal. Something isn’t a legal right just because you want it to be one. The Left is going to need to try something else if they have any hopes of hitting their bulls eye of convincing more than a third of the American people to support them.

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The Left draws another argument from its quiver

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